The connection between violence and diet

Relation between diet and violence
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Violence of  school students in Israel are  among the leading in the world. we learn about the level of violence every day in the media.

The main reasons for crime

Most offenders, eat two times  to four times daily more sugar comper to the average consumption.

This great consumption of sugars leads to  decrease in blood sugar.
Drop in sugar levels leads to behavioral and mental disorders, while violence and crime are just some of them.
 chemical and allergens in our nutrition too, caused delinquent behavior and crime .

Chemistry and delinquent behavior in Washington USA

In the USA imprisoned again  about 70 percent of offenders who are released.
Chief probation officer of the State of Washington passed the probation officers under his command, a course called "Chemistry and criminal behavior."
The course topics included "diet  vitamins and minerals, stress  and  food allergy.

Schauss A Diet, Crime and Delinquency Parker House Books, Berkeley Calfornia 1981

It  made clear that the nutritional advice given to the relesed prisoners , made it that none of the prisoners did not return to crime after eight months, the time for review prior to publication of the study.

Juvenile delinquency in Germany and England

search conducted in Munich and London Allergy clinics, allergic food from 116 children were removed from diet.
The degree of deviation grading of children's behavior was determined by the Conners  scale. In this scale the degree of most deviation behavior  is 30, and the tolerable behavior is under 15.
In this study the children's average rating was 23 points.

After the change in the nutrition , that include removel of alergen  food as chocolate, food coloring, milk, eggs, citrus, wheat, sugar, cheese, pork or beef and more, the average score dropped  to 7.5 points.
40 children of the group who responded well to treatment enter to clinical research, which continued to give them allergen-free diet.
Egger J Stolla A and McEwen LM.Controlled trial hyposensitisation on children with food induced hyperkinetic syndrom.lancet 1992 339 1150-53
 In this experiment the investigator allowed the children to return to their regular diet.
22 children who returned to the regular diet did not deteriorated.
 Juvenile delinquency in Georgia, Ohio, U.S.
 every offender who caught in Duarte province `in Georgia, receive food additives  in accordance with biochemical tests. The Juvenile delinquency decreased significantly.
In another area the U.S. in Ohio, among the 600 offenders who received counseling and ate natural foods, 80 percent did not return to the world of crime.
D, adamo Pj and Whitney C.Eat Right for Your Type GP Putnams Sons New York 1996.

U.S. university Vinconsin violence
In 1997 U.S. Winconsin University suffered  from severe violence .
The university administration has decided to solve the problem through dietary change to prevent violence.
No more cafeterias with fast food, fried potatoes .Fresh salad , meat, whole wheat bread, and fruit.
Drinks vending machine had been removed and replaced with mineral water.
After five years the researches examined the influence of dietary change .The change was amazing.
No more absences, no more violent outbursts, no more drug use and suicide weapons.
More students' grades improved significantly.
Stratiawire October 14, 2002

California criminal Learning Disabilities

Professor Stephen J. Schenthaler Doctor of Criminology in California State University conducted research in 12 institutions of punishment for juvenile, and  803 Public Schools.
The researchers increased the amount of fruits and vegetables and whole grains in their  diet while reducing sugars and fats.

In the institutions occure a drop of 47 percent  of anti-social behavior. In 8076 juvenile offenders imprisoned the
Academic performance had improved in 16 percent and the  learning disabilities declined by 40 percent.
Nutrition today may / june 1985 Stephen Schenthaler Ph.D
Fluorescent lighting halogen

Is there a connection between the fluorescent lighting for inappropriate behavior?
Students who were exposed to fluorescent radiation in Florida, behaved wildly, compared with students who studied with a full spectrum of light and were more relaxed

..Another interesting example we can see in rats study  were held in full spectrum of light. the rats behave gentel with their  puppies,  while  the rats  that held on artificial light , developed cannibalism against their puppies..

Dr. Ott found that most of the harmful radiation emitted from cathode that are located on both sides of  the bulb where X-ray emit .
Halogen radiation also dangerous, because there are increased emission of UVC rays radiation which considered dangerous.

State of Texas conducted extensive studies on the effects lithium on human behavior.
In a study in 27 different counties in Texas, they found that water drinking in those areas who  provided  enough amount of Lithium their were reduced robberies, theft and scam ..
water  rich of lithium were much less  Arrests of teenagers for loitering or vandalism. they also  found a connection between drug use and hard drug use. The greater the  lithium level ,the less severe drug use.
Significant statistical correlation between the drinking water  lithium levels  in  various cities in Texas and homicides, suicide, hospitalization in a psychiatric ward for schizophrenia, psychoses, and other personality disorders.
Townsend letter for doctors and patients 3 2004 page 78-81
 fluoride or Fluorosilicic acid,  inserted into  our drinking water. Fluoride and chlorine are pushing the Iodin from our bodies. As a result the fluoride cause disrupting in the pineal gland and thyroid hormones in the body. .This can cause early sexual activity among youth. Also when there is not enough iodine in the body there is a decrease in the IQ of 5 to 30 points means a decrease in education. Fluoride also allows penetration of the body of heavy metals like lead, which causes criminal behavior.
Hochberg Mordechai diet plus a booklet 73 and 65
School fluoride scam "June 2009.
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