Stent for the treatment of atherosclerosis

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Heart patients who suffer from blockages in blood  vessels, usually pass procedure were  coated stent introduced into  the artery. the stent is coat with medicine to prevent arterial re-occlusion.
The role of the drug is used to prevent the immune system to respond to the foreign body which introduced into the blood vessels.
Dr' use This medicine such as REMICADE, ENBREL, in  diseases like arthritis, colitis, psoriasis.
These drugs prevent inflammation.These drugs can cause serious side effects.
But beyond the  drug effects, this method does not contribute to extend the life of the patient, but rather reduces it ….
After three years of using coated stent there is a risk of up to 30 percent increased mortality compared with non-coated stent drug .Also there is a chance that the expected stent will be replaced at a frequency of more than 50 percent within three years, compared with non-coated stent.
Following the criticism, as mentioned in an article published in Geneva, the leading journal of conventional medicine ….
New England Journal of Medicine Feb 12 2007…
"Drug eluting stent were associated with an increased rate of death as compared with bare metal stents."
The study authors recommend to stop using drug-coated stent .
But is only stent coated drugs, are not effective ?
"Heart medicine alarming data: millions of patients worldwide undergo heart catheterization unnecessarily, rather than drug treatment. The study finds that catheterization is not saving lives, and do not prevent heart attacks in patients with heart"
"A new study caused great uproar among doctors around the world, reveals alarming findings: Heart catherization  does not prevent additional heart attacks, and is not superior to drug therapy. that researchers find an article that was exposed at the American College of Cardiology will be published in the April issue of the journalNew England."
Dr. Itay Gal
28/03/2007, 00:50
Is stent without coating is better  than coated stent?
In a study published three years ago and published in Geneva, the leading medical journal
New England Journal of Medicine
It was found that 85 percent of people  each year  whom  have implanted stent , the transplant process was unnecessary.
The problem is that not only the Stent was unnecessary transplantation, the  network  which  the stent is  made of , constitute a magnet of blood clots and creates a blockage of blood clots.
Those "who  won" improved stent implantation in which there is clot drug ,increased the risk by 30 percent  to die within 3 years.
Such stent implantation cost 15 000 dollars  in US. annual cost of performing stent, is 15 billion dollars annually.
Sherry A.Rogers, MD tw september 2010
Natural Medicine
I should mention that  in the natural medicine exist methods  to remove  sclerosis . i will mention only one method  to clean the artries . one only because the Ministry of Health published a law that prevents release healing properties supplements.
Well ,study conducted by Dr. Dean Ornish group was treated atherosclerosis suffered a vegetarian diet.
Treatment outcome after one year was 3 percent reduction in thickness of  sclerosis .In the control group had an increase in atherosclerosis in 4 percent.
Lancet 1990 336; 129-133
More research in this treatment group after five years it became clear that 99 percent of people do not
have a risk of heart attack, in blocked arteries  observed the most significant withdrawal .
Clinical improvement reflected in a 92 percent incidence of  hearty  events, 42 percent for stroke, and 28 percent of the severity of seizures.Also there was a significant decrease in cholesterol levels.
JAMA 1995 274; 894-901
Blood flow is a function of  arterial diameter  feudatory 4, so even  in a small opening a blocked artery significantly increases blood flow to the heart muscle.
Preliminary experiment  found that blood flow increased 50 percent.
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