Recommended Sites

Vaccinations …Everything you wanted to know from  "Hosen web."
USDA website where you can find the content of food.
Natural medicine leading website of Dr. Mercule Joseph
Site of the  naturopath MIke Adams on natural medicine with conventional medicine criticized.
Website of Dr Ralph Moss leading expert in understanding natural cancer treatment.
Great site about the connection between nutrition supplements acute and chronic diseases.
Website of Dr. Daniel Eliyhu Weizmann Institute scientist specializing in Chinese medicine.
The site of the pharmacist Ilan Salomon  on the treatment of  common mental health problems.

Site of Dr. Andrew W. Sau l Http://

Excellent site offers alternative therapies for chronic diseases, and other great alternative..

פורסם בקטגוריה Natural Treatments. אפשר להגיע לכאן עם קישור ישיר.