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osteoperosis is a state of depletion of bone minerals and vitamins.
Osteoporosis of "rickets bone" caused by lack of calcium only.
About 23 percent of women over age 50 suffer from osteoporosis
About 50 percent of women suffer from low bone density – osteopenia.
About 13 percent of men will develop Osteoporosis.
Our bones are stronger and reach a peak their strength at the age of 35-40.
Osteoporosis bone density is defined as a loss of more than 25 percent.
Up to 10 percent loss is considered normal density loss,
Between 10 and 20 percent considered osteopenia.
Women suffer osteoporosis lose 0.5 percent each year of their skeleton.
After the cessation of menstruation, rising rate of bone loss percentage to 2 percent a year.
Flaw stable.
Body aches – back pain, sore feet.
Hump in the spine.
Lost stature.
Fractures – spinal vertebrae, wrists, ankles, ribs, hip actually.
Spinal fractures usually cause no pain and only a third of them will be diagnosed.
Fractures are created but the decade Eighties women's lives.
After fragment:
17 percent die.
18 percent remain hospitalized.
65 return to their homes but still are treated.
Factors that help build bone:
osteoblast – these are the cells that responsible for building bone.
Hormone calcitonin – stop the Action of decomposition bone cells. accelerating building bone cells. calcitonine is produced  by Thyroid hormone .
Hormones estrogen and testosterone produce calcitonin.
  factores  that act to  crumb the bone:
osteoclast – responsible for the dissolution of bone and cartilage.
Hormone parathyroid-role to maintain normal blood calcium.
When blood calcium level drops, the thyroid parathyroid begins to increase the secretion of the parathyroid hormone  that increase the level of calcium in the blood by dissolute the bone.
When blood calcium level is reduced,the secretion of the   hormone calcitonin parathyroid is increased.
excess parathyroid hormone  can cause high blood calcium levels,  and kidney stones.
Excess calcium can build up in arteries, kidneys, heart valves,  joints calcium residues.
Animal protein
Researching attended 1035 women examined connection between protein intake mass bone, emerged that in women most protein their was from meat, risk fracture head thigh was 3.7 times longer than risk those most protein they ate was Plants.
AM J CLIN NUTR 2001: 73 118-22
In Japan, where young women gave larger protein amount,  about half of them with meat and half of them with adding soy.Those who received meat   lost
 about 50 percent more calcium in the urine, than those who received soy protein.
J Nutrition Sci Vitaminol 36 105-116 1990
The presence of high levels of phosphorus and sulfur in the body – caused by eating too much and
Prolonged time meat and carbonated drinks.
NUT RES 11; 273-81 1991 AM J CLIN NUTR 50; 517-24 1989Relationship between calcium and phosphorus
Relationship between calcium and phosphorous in meat is 1:16.Ratio between calcium phosphorous in our bodies is 1:2.5.
Steroid use
Prolonged use of steroids will cause 30 to 50 percent more osteoporosis patients.Steroids act directly to stop the activity of bone-building cells osteoblasts.
steroids stopped calcium iones from absorb in the intestinal .Steroids also increase PTH hormone secretion, as a result they increase bone decomposition by increased activity of bone joints osteoclast cells.
 N EW GJ MED 1983; 309; 2
Goodman and Gilman The Phrmacological Basis of Therapeutics 1996 p1476
Saturated fatty acids
Saturated fatty acids inhibit calcium in the  intestine and reduces absorption.
Dr. Daniel Yam Weizmann Institute. Health fluently No. 81. P. 29
isufficient calcium eating : foods contain calcium like:
Cold press sesame seeds, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, spices, tofu, almonds.
Herbs – parsley, dill, marjoram, celery, sage, oregano, coriander, cinnamon, cumin.
Acidic foods  decline levels calcium:
Beef, chicken, beer, dairy products, pudding, jam, cola, sugar and cocoa, ice cream.
 J AM DIET ASSOC 1980 76; 148-50
Excess sodium – causes reuptake of calcium from the kidneys and causes loss of bone mass because of the secretion of calcium from the kidneys.
 BM. J VOL 299 SEPTEMBER 1989 PP834
Refined sugar intake causes secretion of calcium in the urine.
J NUTRITION 117 7; 1229-33 1987
Aluminum –  cooking in aluminum  pans aluminum  cause the formation of acid  that inhibit activity in thyroid glands and production of calcitonin.
LANCET DEC 1 1990 SPEC TOP ENDO METAB 1983; 5; 201-26
Smoking – a rise from 20 to 30 percent risk of the formation of bone fracture.
BMJ DEC 5 1992
Alcohol and coffee – the formation of an increased risk factors mainly fractures of the head of the thigh bone.
Women who drank above two cups per day were risk according 1.69 times fracture head thigh
Relative without having coffee.
Quantity of alcohol consumption 25 g per day or more increased the risk of hip fracture at the top
2.35 times compared with no drinker.
AM J CLINICAL NUTR 1991 54; 157-63
conventional Treatment
Fosalan – there are studies that do not confirm its effectiveness.
After 4 years of taking the drug Fosalan was not proven advantage in bone density than women who did not take it
 Lancet 348:1535,1996 jama 280:2077 1998
Blind crossover study examined 4000 women taking Fosalan for years, did not find bone fragments reduced ..
Prescrire Int 2000 Jun; 9 (47) :70-2
Fosalan side effects, can be expressed esophageal and stomach inflammation and ulcers, diarrhea and flatulence, headaches.
Fosalan also causes decrease in the level of magnesium, vitamin D, calcium.
.Health News You Can Use, newsletter, no.60, 2 August 1998;.The John R.Lee, MD, Medical Letter, July 1998Other side effects site of Dr. mercula Josephhttp://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/09/24/osteoporosis-drugs-linked-to-cancer-risk.aspx
Raloxifene Avista –
Bone drug works like estrogen but does not affect breast and uterine tissue.
Side effects, hot flashes, blood clots – thrombosis, contraction legs, embolism ..
Hormone therapy
Standard treatment consists of two hormones estrogen and progesterone.
In a study published in the prestigious American Journal "New England Journal of Medicine" in October 1993, examined 670 women, 212 of the group taking hormonal medications.
Estrogen serious side effects – like causing cancer in women, stroke.
7.Ziel, H.and W.Finkle (1975), "Increased risk of endometrial carcinoma among users of conjugated estrogen", New England Journal of Medicine 293:1167-70.
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The Journal of the American Medical Association July 2002
Natural Treatment:
wrong Nutrition  – the wrong diet will exacerbate the age of puberty disease in adulthood.
AM J CLINICAL NUTR; 62; 417-25
The milk connection
Study school Harvard Medical included 77000th Women for 12 years, found that women who drank daily two glasses milk or more, suffered crises extremities according one half than women drank daily only cup milk one even less.
Feskanich, D., Willet, WC, Stampfer, MJ, et al., "Milk, Dietary Calcium, and Bone Fractures in Women: A 12-Year Prospective Study," American Journal of Public Health, 1997, pages 992-997.
The disease is common in countries where milk and milk products consumed high quantities as U.S., Canada, and Europe Bank.
in Asian countries, Africa  hardly feeders milk because intolerance sugar milk among 90 percent population.
The average calcium intake of Japanese is 540 mg of calcium a day, in a few cases of small fragments of the spine in half, compared with Americans that their calcium intake is much higher.
Bantu tribe women from Africa does not feed on milk products after weaning breast milk,  calcium consumption  in them ranges from 176 mg to 476 mg, despite the high number of births, these women do not suffer nearly osteoporosis.
Studies conducted in populations like China, Gambia,pero and other,  all certificate pro reported similar results of taking calcium low  rate of osteoporosis.
.Melton, L.and B.Riggs, "Epidemiology of Age-related Fractures", in The Osteoporotic Syndrome: Detection, Prevention and Treatment (L. Avioli, ed.), Grune & Stratton, New York, 1983, pp.43-72.
Recommended diet:
Vegetarian diet based on:
Complex carbohydrates, cereals Legumes, vegetables, fruits.
Components food containing high levels calcium:
Herbs – parsley, dill, marjoram, celery, sage, oregano, coriander, cinnamon, cumin.Brookali, cabbage.Journal OF FOOD SCIENCE VOL 58 NO 6 1993
Cold-pressed sesame tahini full .. you should also sprout
Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds.
Carob flour.
Rye bread
Physical activity – more than a hundred studies have shown that fractures can be prevented through physical training that includes aerobic exercise and lifting weights.
Training program without a proper diet and regardless of the woman's physical condition, can result in loss of circulation, spinal deformation and fractures pelvis.
Food Additives
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