Naturopathy the best choise

What is naturopathy?
The term naturopathy is unknown to most audiences as a natural treatment of diseases and there is a good reason.
When asking a doctor of alternative treatment methods, in most cases he ignores the existence of a research in naturopathy.
In this article I will try to give  you information about naturopathy and its capabilities, information about why an accepted medical treatment method ignores this powerful, which is a threat to conventional treatment methods.
 Medicine naturopathy?
Naturopathic medicine is a therapy based on academic information and experience that improves the health practitioner patient by inducing self-healing processes.
Naturopathy, or natural healing is a concept in which several measures are taken to treat the disease.
The term naturopathy was set early, but the principles of naturopathy were the days of Hippocrates, father of modern medicine 400 years before Christ.
According to the principles of Hippocratic medicine
Treatment should be only natural.
Cure for your ailment is your diet, and nutrition should be your medicine.
The disease is an expression of body cleansing.
Principles of naturopathic medicine versus conventional therapy
A. The natural healing powers.
The body have self-healing forces through the inner wisdom.
These natural healing powers of the human body are the basis of naturopathic concept.
the role of naturopath is to support and enhance the natural healing abilities, natural treatment methods, including proper nutrition and supplements.
Standard treatment ?
Medicine ignores the body's ability to heal itself alone. For the doctor has no healing without medicine. Sorry, I  said healing? Conventional medicine does not cure …The medicine Suppress the  symptoms. Conventional medicine ignores relationship between proper nutrition and healing.  All the more so taking supplements, even if it is proven beyond any shadow of doubt that clinical trials effective supplements, conventional medicine ignores their existence.
B .Locating the cause of the disease
There is a reason for disease .illness is a message of healing powers, a problem that interferes with healing powers in their functioning. The naturopath role is to identify the cause and to removed it from the body.
Standard treatment ?
Medicine ignores the main reason for the chronic illness. The main reason of diseases is the  environmental pollution. 
For example, electromagnetic radiation, pesticides, heavy metals, fluoride in drinking water, and many other pollutants.
C. Do not cause damage through treatment.
 Naturopaths prefer non-invasive treatment methods which reduce to a minimum the risk of damage or side effects from treatment.
Standard treatment?
Unnecessary surgery and radiation therapy, unnecessary drugs cause serious side effects.
How serious is the damage ?
In a paper published in conventional medicine's leading "Jama" , noted that doctors constitute a leading cause of death after cancer and heart disease.  In United States alone depriving their lives each year 250 000 people following the side effects of standard treatment.
Following the explanation given :
12 000 unnecessary surgeries
Medical errors in hospitals 7000
Other errors in hospitals 20 000
 infections in hospitals 80 000
Side effects of drugs without mistakes of medical staff 106000 death.
Dr.Barbara Starfield
of the John Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health (JAMA Vol 284, July 26, 2000) 284483-5.
A detailed article written by three doctors determine that the number of deaths in the U.S. medical activities, three times larger than conventional medicine and is a leading cause of mortality ..

And how many people injured by Naturopathy treatment supplements?
close to 0 people.

Naturopath teacher
Naturopath Functions to guide the patient to take personal responsibility for treating the disease
Assumptions healthy lifestyle.
Healthy lifestyle with an experienced naturopath This lecture take half an hour or so .It mentioned the environmental pollution, including fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, radiation, cars and industrial smoke, preservatives and other color smell taste diet.
Menu details for each type of disease, physical activity and taking supplements.
Standard treatment
Healthy lifestyle is very small idea, "eat a balanced" Nobody, not even the doctor does not know what he means, do exercise, do not smoke and drink alcoholic beverages. This is more or less what a doctor tells the patients.
Whole person
This is a health or disease causes the total interaction of physical, mental, nutritional, genetic, environmental, lifestyle and other factors.
Naturopath considerate in all these aspects and treats the patient as a whole.
Standard Medicine
The doctors specialize according to human body parts .It has a skin specialist, a specialist in gender, kidney doctor, pulmonarydoctor, and so on.
Preventive medicine
Naturopathic approach to health, prevents the development of early disease, chronic or serious condition.
Patients Terms healthy lifestyle and can prevent disease. The best treatment is preventing disease.
Standard Medicine
Prevention budget of the Ministry of Health is  zero. and which are directed prevention budgets are budgets controversial as mammograms, immunizations ..see article in this site.
Methods of diagnosis and treatment
When the Naturopath  treats the person himself is looking for the causes of the disease at different levels .
All the usual measures including laboratory data, physical examinations, tests and radiation devices, holistic methods such as diagnostic eye, tongue, nails.
Standard diagnosis treatment
Excessive use of tests  that dangerous the patient,  the reason to prevent future claims.
Minimal questioning, each patient allocated about 10 minutes.
Natural treatment
Natural supplements – such as herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, mushrooms, oils, natural hormones, enzymes, and other supplements.
Physical therapies – such as water therapy, exercise, acupuncture , , natural childbirth.
Standard  Medicine
Doctor who may recommend natural supplements instead of drugsdismissed from their work.
The symptoms of the disease
The assumption is that the symptoms are not the direct cause of the disease, these are an answer or response factor .The body tries to protect itself and heal the disease.
for example infection symptoms or fever, are the best response of the body to the current situation.
Disease therapy principles
The assumption is that the body needs during the healing period, the ideal conditions for its existence.
These conditions include healthy lifestyle, which includes the removal of factors that can damage the functioning of the body, such as diet that contains environmental toxins, smoking, alcohol, while a recommendation to reduce stress, exercise depending on the patient's ability, maximum reduction of electromagnetic radiation ..
The natural supplements that the body knows it millions of years after long exposure allowed the body to develop metabolic pathways, effective utilization capacity, work and purification of these natural supplements.
Naturopath treatment methods possible to reach success in treating chronic diseases and to deal successfully with acute illnesses.
Textbook of Natural Medicine Joseph E Pizzorno 1999.ND p 41-49
Is naturopathy base on science?
Conducts research that is accepted scientific discipline .Comparative clinical studies, which both operates the principle of statistical significance is determined, compared with a control group who did not receive a food supplement or, alternatively, received dummy supplement.(Placebo – "There is no").Just as conventional medicine conducts research medications. Science naturopathy and existing continuously renewed at thousands of comparative clinical studies. Naturopathy studies performed both Western and non-Western world (eg China).What about Israel? Here there is almost no research budget Naturopathy. Most studies in Israel are made by pharmaceutical companies for drugs..
Those who still think that's there is one medicine the conventional medicine ….
More than 80 percent of the world population use herbs for prevention and cure diseases.
In the U.S. Many surveys found that 75-77 percent of adults use plants or supplements regularly.
Prevalence of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use in US Children, "Ente G, Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med, March 2004; 158:158

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