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Multiple Sclerosis
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Antibodies attack the nervous system by destroying the myelin layer that covers the nerves of brain and spinal , causing the nerves  damaged. The severity of the disease depends on the myelin damage.

Multiple sclerosis is a degenerative disease in which  central nervous system is impaired, including the brain, and vision .
Two-thirds of MS cases  starts at the age of 20 to 40 and women are affected twice as men ..
The disease rarely affects children or adults over age 60.
The disease is more common in northern European countries, and it is  limited in the Far East like Japan Korea and China.
The damage in nervous system patients depend on the area of  the nerve that was damaged
The early stages of the disease Symptoms:

Dizziness, extreme mood changes, vision problems like double vision or blurring.

Sense of tingling or numbness in the skin, especially hands or feet.
Disequilibrium or coordination problem, muscle stiffness.
Sense of vomiting or nausea, body tremor ,words connections.
Fatigue or weakness,  breathing difficulty, impotence in men.
When the disease progresses:

There are difficulties in walking as shuffling  and instability, convulsive body movements.
Sometimes paralysis and  breathing difficulties and disruptions in glucose levels.
Difficulties in urination, stomach pain, extreme tiredness and sense of electrical currents.
The disease is characterized by periods in which symptoms disappear or appear without a clear reason.

The Disease progress With more severe seizures.

Diagnosis accuracy rate is 95 percent and it is done by MRI. . RADIOLOGY 1991; 178; 447-51
Blood-brain barrier
 The main Cause of the disease is  autoimmune , where antibodies attack the myelin cover as if it were a foreign body.
J Neural Transm Suppl 72 173-81 1997.
Probably the main reason is the blood-brain barrier damage .as far as The blood-brain barrier more hurt, so  the severity of the disease. it should be mentioned that normal blood-brain barrier does not allow penetration of the brain immune system components.
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Blood-brain barrier consists of cells endotel  surround them are collagen, fibrin and  other  proteins.
If this barrier is a healthy  the immune system components can not penetrate the brain and also  cannot penetrate different foods, hormones, drugs or toxins.

Blood-brain barrier can be damaged by:
Trauma such as brain damage.
Alcohol consumption.
Viral infection.
Lack of essential foods and strengthening of  capillary blood vessels .
Electromagnetic radiation
Toxic heavy metals.
Damage resulting from oxidation.
Increased level of homocysteine.
Prostaglandins, Leukotriens, clotting factors, Histamin, TNF, that causing inflammation.
More information about the reasons:
Mercury amalgam of teeth  is probably an important factor in causing the disease, due to the fact that the level of mercury in patients with multiple sclerosis  is seven times higher than healthy population.
Swedish study found that the normal level of mercury in the spine should be 0.4 micrograms per liter, but the average level in patients with MS is 3 micrograms per liter.
Dr. Patrick Kingali, MS disease expert, found that from 3800 patients treated, only with 5 patients were no signs of mercury poisoning.
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It was found that countries which had high consumption of flour products that contain gluten, MS is more common.
It was discovered that MS patients like  in celiac the  intestinal tissue is harm.
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Heated  and  saturated fat  oils
Prominent reason is eating saturated heated  fats.
In research conducted in New Zealand for 34 years, participated 114 MS patients.Patients consumed polyunsaturated fats for 34 years and  almost  did not consumed  saturated fat.
95 percent of patients who reduced their consumption of saturated fats with the identification of the disease in its early stages and still  had no significant neurological signs, were left with mild disabilities for 30 years.
When  they return to the menu rich in saturated fats their condition deteriorated.
LANCET 1990; 336; 37-39

Lack of vitamin B12
It was found that in patients with multiple sclerosis vitamin B12 levels significantly lower than healthy people.
J AM MED ASS 1991; 48; 808; -11
It should be noted that the symptoms  of severe lack of vitamin B12  is similar  to the M.S. symptoms.

Check if MS patients do not suffer from increased levels of Candida.
If you do suffer from Candida, it will cause a significant worsening symptoms.
in most cases Candida  stems from giving antibiotics , increased yeast eating flour products, and sugars at  encreased  level.

Allergenic foods

More than half  of the patients who ate   hypoallergenic  food  without allergens, feel   significant improvement  in their  situation.
  conventinal  treatment
Drugs  that suppress the immune system.
Cramps driven drugs.
drugs oppose  the  enzyme choline  to relieve muscle pain.
Muscle relaxant drugs.
Anti-depression medication.
 painkillers drugs.
Interferon beta.
Copaxsone, the Conventional  lead medicine drug for the treatment of  the disease.
BMJ 1992 304; 1260-1261
Natural Treatment
Make sure eating complex carbohydrates,  live fruits and vegetables as possible ,and different sprouts and green vegetable juices.
It is recommended to consume foods from only organic vegetarian diet.
We recommend checking cereal containing gluten allergies as barley, wheat, rye, Oatmeal and replacing them with corn, buckwheat,  quinoa ,rice and potatoes.
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We must stop consuming coffee, cocoa, regular tea, sugar, sweets, salt, margarine, cakes, biscuits, alcohol, fried foods, smoking, frozen or canned food.
ANN ALLERGY 1987 59; 76-79
We recommend checking for dairy allergies.
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Cocoa  increases symptoms of the disease.
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Reduce saturated fat consumption.
LANCET 1990; 336; 37-39
Note: It  is recommend no more than 5 grams per day.

Polyunsaturated oils and fats.
In some MS patients  exist  disturbance making acid  linoleic fatty acid, omega 6, gamma  linoleic acid.
It was found that in some MS patients, there is also a lack of omega-3 in a DHA.
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It was found that there were more attacks in women  that the  estrogen level were high relatively  to progesterone level.
Acta Neurol Scand.99:91-94, 1999.

Lack of stomach acids and digestion enzymes
 It was found in 41 percent of the patients with multiple sclerosis.
Heat exposure
Avoid exposure to heat such as hot baths, warm environment at work, or exercise, except swimming in  not  cold water , to prevent the worsening of the symptoms of the disease.
However, sun exposure is important for the relief of symptoms.
Supplements natural treatment
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