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Irregular heartbeat is a condition in which the heart changes the normal rhythm, the speed of activity and intensity of activity.
Disturbances can be easy, and can be fatal ventricular fibrillation in which the heart stops beating.
All types of heart rhythm disorders, are caused by electrical interference function of the heart.
Normally the heart beats at a constant rate of 60-100 beats per minute.
This rate is affected sinus node (SA NODE)  that is a cluster of cells produce special sinus electrical signals that trigger the heart.

Signals Spread through the electrical conduction system, the heart chambers, which are the main pump  blood in the body.

Between the rooms  and the ups of the heart there is further node called AV node and is the "gate" that controls the rate of electrical stimulation from the ups to the rooms.
Sinus node normally controls the timing of heart rate, during exercise, for example, the sinus node accelerates the heart rate.
Sense of an unstable pulse, irregular rhythm and intensity.
Some do not feel anything.
Many patients suffer from fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath due to heart failure with fluid accumulation in ankles and lungs.
Damage of environmental pollution including electromagnetic radiation to the heart muscle and nervs, can cause atrial fibrillation.
Nutritional deficiency causes damage to heart muscle and development cardiac muscle scar tissue.
Irregular heart rhythm can result from lack of vitamins and minerals.
Sub overactive thyroid gland, upper back vertebrae injury.
Excessive alcohol consumption and breast infections
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Types of irregular heartbeat
Premature beats
When there is early electric pulse of the heart, patients experience a momentary interruption, of the heart pulse. If there is no special complications and the patient does not suffer any heart disease, conventional medicine offers live with these disorders.
Speed fibrillation
Atrial arrhythmia originating in the heart.Heart rate in such a situation can get to 180 beats per minute or more, with normal heart rate is 70 beats per minute.This pulse can take several hours.This urgent situation usual treat  with drugs.

Another option is less common disorder from fibrillation heart rate caused by electrical conductivity in the region known as the Accessory Pathway.

Pulse speed can reach to 300 beats per minute. the the treatment  is by  burning the affected area in the heart.
Another possibility of an irregular heartbeat can be in the hall.Treatment will be by burning the affected area.

Atrial Fibrillation

This is the most common arrhythmia.This electrical disturbance due to injury to the upper parts of the heart.
In this situation irregular heart rate is not life threatening.
Standard treatment fibrillation
With drugs, or by burning, or freezing, or by pacemaker implantation or in special cases by surgery.
It should be noted that the rate of successful recording in this mode, is 60 percent and most patients pass recurrent operations.Burning process is considered an experimental process that do not received the approval of the FDA, U.S. Food and Drug Authority.
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Atrial flutter
In atrial flutter heart rate  is faster than a normal pace, but slower thanAtrial Fibrillation,and more regular . 

Standard treatment by burning.

Speed ventricular VT –ventricular tachycardia
This is a fast pulse from the heart chambers
 The risk of  Atrial Fibrillation
Blood clots – the main risk from atrial fibrillation is a flow of embolism is a blood clot from the heart to various body organs, especially the brain).
The patient may suffer an embolism because  the corridors flutter, and do not beat in coordination.
As a result the blood that comes to the corridor stayed there a long time, becomes more viscous, blood cells may stick to each other and create a blood clot that may drift through the bloodstream to the brain or other organs.
Heart dysfunction – when the patient has a rapid heart rate and uncontrolled for a long period of time (weeks or months), this may harm the functioning of the heart. When the heart beats very rapidly, or when the arrhythmia  is already revealed un heart injured before, atrial fibrillation can damage the functioning of the heart cause heart failure.
Ventricular heart speed in sick heart
Irregular heart rate in this situation was caused by scar following a heart attack or a condition in which the heart muscle was damaged.
Standard treatment is drug and defibrillator transplantation.

As for the reasons specified in Section reasons, some of the electrical signals sent from certain nerbs and should reach the damaged area, do not arrive in the same time clearance in those where they were supposed to act.
Since electrons directed the heart rate have to bypass the damaged areas that have scar tissue, it takes longer time to reach their goal.
Electrical signals that sent through the areas that were not  hit, arrive to their target in time.
The result, incongruity between the signals, is an irregular heartbeat.
Common drugs
The following drugs are treating irregular heart rhythm.
1.Calcium channel blocking drugs in myocardial cells.
The drugs prevent the entry of sodium into cells. thus the calcium did not enter the cell and cannot affect nerve signals going  and  heart shrinks.
I will note for example but some drugs.
Interested in an extensive review over the few examples, I would recommend the book
The Complete Guide review of pharmacology,
Dr. Yehezkel Mizrahi …
Possible side effects: drugs can cause additional rate beyond the existing..Ringing in the ears, low platelets, headache, dry mouth, blurred vision, the use of the drugs is limited.
Possible side effects: heart failure, cardiac congestion, Lupus.
Possible side effects – heart failure, dry mouth, blurred vision, difficulty urinating, constipation.
2.Second group beta receptor blockers
Influence  effect is very similar to calcium channel blockers.Appropriate situations flutter ventricular fibrillation.
Side effects – heart failure contracting bronchitis, heart rate too slow, and more.
3.A third group of potassium channel-blocking drugs
These drugs prevent potassium out of cells.
For example  SOTALOL
Side effects of SOTALOL, increased heart rate, low blood pressure.Some side effects of Amiodron are toxic to the liver, heart damage, hair loss, skin necrosis, blurred vision, nausea, headaches, dizziness, tremor.
35-65 Is your cardiologist killing you Sherry Rogers
2007 Mosbys nursing drug reference 
Complete Guide pharmacology pharmacist
 Dr. Yehezkel Mizrahi.
The purpose of medication
The purpose of the drugs is to slow the heart rate of those areas which do not hurt  to be a uniform pulse, by adjusting the pulse rate rhythm in healthy areas to electrical circuits in areas hurt by heavy metals, pesticides, etc., which are slower.
 according to doctors' understanding, medicines should slow down the normal circuits remaining in order to compare abnormal rhythm circles ..
Instead of rehabilitating the damaged areas in the  heart, the medicine neutralize the healthy areas.
 The drug efficacy very low..
One of the drugs they used to is warfarin, which can result in removing calcium from the bones  seeding into the heart valve and  arterial cardiovascular.
This could lead to additional surgery and heart valve replacement and vascular stent insertion.
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 If drug therapy fails to the doctors perform  heart surgery to remove those parts of the heart muscle, causing the electric circuit to travel a greater distance, this is the burning  process.
So it will possible to match the signals that activate the heart rate.The opretion is done by inserting a laser fiber  that in the end regions are burning the nerves and muscles which are not necessarily non healthy in the heart.
35-65 Is your cardiologist killing you Sherry Rogers MD
After this stage, the next step is a pacemaker implantation.
In many cases the decline continues.


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