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Blood pressure is the pressure created on the walls of blood vessels during heart contraction, or relaxation.
The hypertension  Depend on the resistance of  the small blood vessels,  their wall thickness, and their interior diameter, blood volume and the influence neural  and hormonal influence.
Hypertension associated diseases such as arteriosclerosis, heart disease, kidney disease, obesity, diabetes, an overactive thyroid gland and  tumors adrenal glands.
Hypertension is the main cause of heart attack and stroke.
Hypertension affects more than 60 million Americans, about 54 percent of the U.S. population aged 65 to 74.


Headaches of the rear head, sweating, shortness of breath, rapid pulse, visual disturbances, dizziness, memory and concentration disorders, weakness.
Blood pressure values:
Borderline: 90 to 94 diastolic, 120 to 160 systolic.
Moderate: 95 to 104 diastolic, 140 to 160 systolic
Medium: 105 to 114 diastolic, 140 to 180 systolic
High: Starting from 115 and from 180.
80 percent of the population  that  suffering from blood pressure their  blood values are borderline to medium.
Textbook of natural Medicin Joseph E Pizzorno Jr 2000 p 1303
Initial hypertension causes :
Excess weight,  increase of animal fats eating, poor  fiber consuming  , processed foods, refined, fried, great amount of protein, vitamins and minerals deficiency, smoking, alcohol, coffee and other drinks containing caffeine, salt, white sugar.
Sugar and blood pressure
Refined sugar intake increases blood pressure.
HYPERTENSION 1983 5218-25
Sugar intake causes increased insulin secretion, and insulin prevents the release of salt and thus increases its concentration in the blood.
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Excess weight causes increased blood pressure and weight  loss is essential.
BMJ 1988 297; 319-328
Physical activity and blood pressure:
In a study of the relationship between high blood pressure and physical activity among graduates of Harvard university , it was discovered that those who did not exercise were at risk in 35 percent of developing hypertension compared with adults involved in sports.
Sources: Dr. Dan Keret healthy nutrition "Prologue" in 1997.
Regular walking for 5 times a week results in a significant reduction in blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.
Smoking and blood pressure
Smoking leads to excessive secretion of Adarnalin and Vitamin C depletion and the presence of lead and cadmium that exist in cigarette smoke.
AMJ OF EPIDEM 1985 121 246-58
Drinking water
Drinking water containing heavy metals like cadmium and lead are factors of high blood pressure.
AM J EPIDEM 1985 121 246-58
Alcohol causes excessive secretion of Adarnalin that cause increased blood pressure.
Many studies have shown that reducing salt alone will not improve blood pressure, lowering salt should combine with taking potassium.
Lancet 1981 11 :895-900
Saturated fats
 consumption of saturated fats and vegetable oils that are not cold press.
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 Uric acid and meat
In study which involved 2520 people aged 43 to 84 who did not have any blood pressure, it was found that  there is  a link between blood uric acid level and the development of high blood pressure.
For 10 years 956 people  develop  140 systolic blood pressure and  90 mm Hg diastolic.
In the group which was the high level of uric acid above 390 micromol per liter, it was found increasing blood pressure risk by 65 percent, compared to a group in which uric acid level was low, less than 260 per liter micromol.
Klein R, et al, J Hum Hypertens, 2006; 20 (12): 937-45.   Shankar A,
Causes of secondary hypertension
Kidney diseases, diseases involving the adrenal glands, aortic stenosis, non-steroidal drugs,Birth control pills.
Drug treatment and side effects:
Clinical trials that lasted seven years, showed that taking drugs such as  beta blocker  and diuretics  Are not effective when blood pressure borderline to moderate , in preventing  heart disease.
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Two other studies suggested that drugs effective in preventing heart attacks,  were impaired by :
One in  low number of people, and the second by  the control group that was not appropriate.
Lancet 1985 I 1349-1354
Jama 1979 242 2562-2571
All the studies cited, did not compare a group who took medication ,compared with natural treatment group.
Raising blood pressure by the body is compensated for blocking the blood vessels which allows to increase blood flow through the blocked arteries. Lowering blood pressure with medication can prevent the blood  from the organs that  need it, such as brain and heart ,and cause harm  to them.
Sources: Dr. Dan Keret healthy nutrition 1977
Characteristics of blood pressure medications;
   calcium channel blockers drugs
Calcium blockers drugs injure the channels that allow calcium to enter cells.Calcium drugs are  act to  dilate blood vessel.
20 percent  of the people who have high blood pressure are taking calcium blockers  drugs.  The price of these drugs is  higher 15 times  the price  of  parallel drugs that lowering blood pressure.
It  made clear that calcium blockers  drugs are less effective in preventing heart attacks and heart failure compared with other drugs to treat hypertension.
Calcium blockers are less effective in preventing complications versus cheaper and simple drugs  such  diuretics.Drugs such short-term calcium blockers were not approved  by the FDA to treat hypertension . The drugs approved use only for Angina  pectoris  .

The largest study conducted on drugs to treat hypertension in 2002 with 33 000 people , it was found  found that  diuretics drugs to lower blood pressure, are no less effective  than calcium blockers  for  prevention of heart failure.Other studies also found that calcium blockers drug caused kidney damage in patients suffering from diabetes or kidney disease as a result of high blood pressure.

Using these drugs for more than 5 years, can increase brain shrinkage  and decline of cognitive ability.
Is your cardiologist killing you Sherry Rogers MD page 5
Canadian physicians group that examined why doctors wrote articles  and recommended the use of calcium blockers, when studies show otherwise.
The answer was that 96 percent  of the  composer of  the articles   who recommended  the  calcium blockers had financial ties with pharmaceutical companies and received research grants  and various benefits.
, Dr. Donald Patrick "hope or illusion," pp 187-191
Diuretics to lower blood pressure

The diuretics drugs cause the removal of the minerals potassium and magnesium. These two minerals are important in maintaining normal blood pressure. Removal of  the minerals will sooner or later increase the blood pressure and  homocysteine .Increase  the homocysteine increases risk of Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes,  suicide tendency   because of decrease in magnesium, and  macular degeneration of the eyes.
Is your cardiologist killing you Sherry Rogers MD page 1-3
 The  Beta blockers drugs
Almost all drugs  from  beta blocker  series  interfere with male sexual activity including a decrease libido, sensitivity and  erectile difficulty .
In addition, drugs can cause sleeping difficulty , dizziness, , depression,  ilusion anxiety, headaches, nightmares, fatigue, and other side effects … low heart rate and  heart failure.As a result fluid can  be acumulate, chest pain, dry eyes and stinging, nausea and vomiting,

Ulcerative  colitis , diarrhea, constipation, dry mouth, decrease in neutrophils, granulocytes, difficulty breathing, dry skin, difficulty breathing,
Laboratory tests may show an increase the following values:
Bun, triglyceride'uric acid' alkphosphatase, ldh, ast,alt.
Nutrition and natural healing
Diet rich in vegetables  grains and beans, low  in sodium and rich inpotassium.
Circulation 1992 1475-84 

Diet is based mainly on vegetarian food.
It  is recommended To eat whole foods rather than refined and polished.
Sources: Dr Hochberg Mordechai diet plus a booklet 35, 1998.
Vegetarians generally benefit lower blood pressure, including less heart disease than meat eaters.
Lancet 1983 ii 742-743
Supplements natural treatment 

Natural Treatment 

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