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Diabetes Diabetes mellitus 

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Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by lack of ability or low ability of the body to turn food into energy.
About 400 000 people in Israel suffered from  diabetes.
Diabetes complications are the third cause of death cases in the U.S..
85 percent of new diabetes patients are over 45.
According to the chairman of the European Association for the Diabetes study  and blood pressure, diabetes rate doubled  today, compared to the seventies, and is expected to be doubled again in 2020.
Today diabetes patients around the world are 100 million people.
Diabetes Types
DIABETES MELLITUS– characterized  by  impairment of manufacturing insulin by the pancreas.
There are two types of DIABETES MELLITUS 

 insulin-dependent diabetes 1
Non-insulin dependent or Type 2 Diabetes.
The fundamental difference between diabetes 1 and diabetes 2
In Diabetes 1 there is   lack  of insulin.
In  diabetes  2 at the primary disease there  is excess insulin.
In progress diabetes 2  when the disease is worsening there is not enough insulin.
There is also failure in insulin utilization.
How  sugar descending?
After the meal the level of sugar  is rising.
 insulin hormone  and other component called glucose  factor tolerance GFT act to reduce the sugar to be normal level.
Diabetes and accelerated aging
The Diabetes can be defined as a process of accelerated aging. There are two reasons for the aging process are:
Gliycation Theory
In this process combind  sugar with the protein component of hemoglobin,  and causing damage.
In this theory reducing the  calories levels consumed, will result in a sharp increase in life expectancy.Experiments on laboratory animals found that the reduction in calories caused an increase in life expectancy by 40 percent, and slowing the aging process of laboratory animals.
It was also found that  provision of chromium caused a similar increase in life expectancy.
Free radical theory 

Diabetes is a disease accompanied by oxidation stress, which means that the level of free radicals in the  diabetes bodies is high.

The glucose activate  enzyme called  protein kinase C that causes oxidation damage in diabetics.
Antioxidant supplements, inhibit the activity of the enzyme that causes oxidative damage.
The damage caused as a naturally result  of  consumption  air pollution, radiation, toxic substances, smoking, drugs, poor nutrition.
 Diabetes no 1 causes
Recent studies indicate that the source of most of  diabetes  No 1 is environmental pollution.
BMJ 1987; 295; 479-481
Many studies have found that a baby's early exposure to cow's milk create a risk of  antibodies against pancreatic beta cells.
Chemicals such as drugs, pesticides, nitrites can kill pancreatic beta cells.
Viruses such as mumps and rubella in  mother  pregnancy can cause diabetes 1.
 the pancreas Beta cell  particularly vulnerable to cytokine's injury, because thay have low levels of free radical killers.
  Dr. Hochberg Mordechai diet plus tax booklet 20 p. 3-6If you have a relative who  have diabetes, your chance to develp diabetes of  and an insulin-dependent diabetes is 5-10 percent.

Some researchers suggested that repeated vaccination causes diabetes  No. 1.
Causes of diabetes 2
Sugars intake
* 100 years ago in 1898, U.S. sugar consumption was 40 pounds per person per year, whereas sugar consumption in 1998 rose to 160 pounds a year.
 eighty percent of  diabetics are obese. weight loss can be a decisive factor in diabetes care.
Diabetes 1993 42405-410
Lack of exercise reduces the absorption of insulin sensitivity and vice versa ..
   BMJ 1995; 310; 560-4
Insulin enhanced level
Excessive secretion of insulin causes pancreatic beta cells to be exhausted and that increases the risk of developing diabetes.
Dr. Hochberg Mordechai diet plus tax booklet 28 pp 18-23
Damage caused by oxidation
The glucose Operat enzyme called  protein kinase C, which causes oxidation damage in diabetics.

Antioxidant supplements, inhibit the activity of the enzyme that cause oxidative damage.
Glycemic index
Eating foods with high glycemic index causes a lot of insulin secretion, causing a lowering of sugar through three processes: 

Part of the glucose enter into cells, another part becomes glycogen that stored in the liver and in muscle   .overplus  becomes triglycerides.

Am J Clin Nutr 1981 24 362-366
Trans oils 

In study which involved 84 000 women who did not suffered  from diabetes and heart disease or cancer,, it became clear that a trans fat consumption by only 2 percent of total daily calories, increased the risk of diabetes in 39 percent.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition June 2001; 73:1001-1002, 1019-1026
Diabetes definition
Diabetes valid if  after fasting on night  plasma glucose level concentration is greater than or equal to 140 mg / deciliter.
 diabetes valid even after eating 75 grams of glucose, the glucose concentration after two hours is  greater than or equal to 200 mg per deciliter.
Normal glucose level is 60 to 110 mg per deciliter.
 diabetes 1 symptoms
Frequent urination
A heavy sense of thirst
Vomiting or nausea.
Weakness and fatigue
Weight loss despite normal eating
Unusual hunger.
Frequent wetting children at night.
 hypoglycmia hyperglycemia states.
 Diabetes 2 symptoms
Defective vision
Very thirsty.
Dizziness, fatigue
Skin infections.
Dark or tingling feeling in the legs.
Leg hair loss and increasing hair on face.



Glucophage,   Metformin
Metformin is a drug marketed by  trade name Glucophage, and patient   diabetes  no 2 consume it..
This drug is Particularly suitable for patients who are overweight .The drug lowers blood sugar by blocking the production of sugar in the liver.
Some patients taking metformin are creating a risk of lactic acidosis that can result in death.
There  is Warning on the drug  not to give it to patients who are suffering from  kidney disease and heart disease.
The drug id not suitable for diabetics with heart failure,  breathing difficulty, kidney and liver failure .In the first year that the drug entered the U.S. market  it eas found that 42 percent of those injured by acidosis lactic died.
In 2000 only were 25 million prescriptions in this drug.

Journal of the American Medical Association 2002; 287:2504-2505.

The drug also causes a decrease B12 level that can lead to heart disease and Alzheimer's.
Sherry A Rogers.TW MD March 2010

 A new drug that causes a lowering of resistance of  body cells to  insulin action.As a result the sugar penetrates  more effectively to the cells body and its level in the blood decreases.
Side effects :  May  cause  rise in fluid level and fluid retention, consequently  cause heart failure,  breathing difficulty, swelling or pain in the stomach, swelling of limbs due to fluid retention. In addition, respiratory infections, headaches, backaches, diarrhea, fatigue, weight gain.
MOSBYS 2007 nursing drug referencepage 894
Date 10.6.10
A study published in the  NEJM found a link between consumption Avandia and the rate of heart attacks in 43 percent.
They also found a link between heart disease mortality rate in 64 percent higher as a result of  using the drug-avandia comparing the other methods of diabetes treatment.
The research also found that avandia  caused an increase of bone fractures by 43 percent.
Within a relatively short time also decrease bone strength.
Tw april 2010 Sherry a Rogers.MD

Insulin is produced today in genetic engineering techniques.Insulin that produced in the past , were fewer side effects.Lantos- Insulin type

Several studies that published in the journal for diabetes "Diabtology"  founf  that  the use in the drug  related to the development of malignant tumors. The studies found an association between increased morbidity and use of the drug and cancer especially breast cancer.
 Studies  conducted in Germany, Sweden, – examined the development of tumors in more than 300,000 patients whom treated with insulin. In German study, conducted on 100,000  patients, They found a link between patients whom use lantos and increasing in the incidence of malignant tumor.
The Swedish study found that patients treated with Lantos are double the risk of developing breast cancer compared with patients treated with other types of insulin.
Other possible side effects: dizziness, loss of consciousness, decreased glucose level, a sense of concern, a sense of euphoria, blurred vision, cold sweats, confusion, cool pale skin, headache, nausea, nervousness, night terrors, sleep is not relaxed, tremor, speech stammering , fatigue and weakness, weight gain.
משתנות כמו פוסיד , קלוריל, לזיקס, דיזתיאזיד וקורטיזונים, גורמת להפרשה מוגברת של המינרל כרום מהגוף וכתוצאה להופעה או החמרת הסוכרת.

Taking diuretics as fusid, and other , causes increased secretion of the minerals such chromium from the body and as a consequence to worsening diabetes.
Natural Treatment
 Natural  treatment duty is  to stabilize the sugar levels within normal limits as possible.
Physical activity
It is very important to exercise, because exercise causes blood sugar reduction, and weight loss.
To keep low blood sugar levels, patients have to consume food containing complex carbohydrates such as grains and beans that have low glycemic index vegetables ..
The recommended ratio between diabetes diet food groups:
30 percent protein
Carbohydrates – 40 percent
Fat – 30 percent
Protein source
Beans, tahini, chickpeas, almonds, tofu, and  wild fish  from northern sea
Carbohydrate source
·   Vegetables – All types of vegetables  without  potatoes·   Fruit – grapefruit, apples, pears, oranges, plums.Between 1 and 2  variety  a day.
·   Cereals – millet, quinoa, buckwheat, pearl barley, rye, rye flour bread.
·   Legumes – lentils, chickpeas, split peas, beans, soy.
·    Use of STEVIA does not increase the sugar levels.
Glycemic index of various foods versus white bread receiving score of 100.
117% Organic Rice
Puffed wheat 110%
Oatmeal biscuits 78%
Fresh potatoes 101%
100% white bread
99% Whole Wheat Bread
Rice 96%
87% sweet corn
84% Bran Oats
83% white rice
Sweet potatoes, frozen peas, macaroni 74%
73% wheat bran
Buckwheat 70%
68% field peas
Rye bread 58%
52% chick
Haricot bean 45%
Beans, red lentils 42%
31% pearl barley
Life nature site. Dr. Danny Keret
Glycemic index of a mixed meal
When a person eats a meal of several foods mixed with
Glycemic index of a meal, will be the average of the various components relative to the number that they constitute a meal.
Fat source
·   Nuts and oils seeds will not be heated or fried and baked.
·   Primarily monounsaturated oils like olive oil saturated cold press, cold press milling, avocado, almonds that are not baked, polyunsaturated fats and oils such as walnuts, ground flaxseed, safflower oil.
·   Protein and fat slow the rise   of glycemic index and delay the emptying of the stomach.
An example of a diabetic's meal
Morning – rye bread, vegetables, tofu, or cold press milling, or chickpeas, or spread
Almonds, low-fat yogurt.
Lunch – steamed vegetables, vegetable soup, or soup beans, ½ cup pearl barley with ½ cup
Lentils or peas or beans or chickpeas.Using cold press oils.
Betweem meal- An apple or a grapefruit, nuts, almonds ..
 tofu or tempeh pie, with avocado, egg, vegetables or eggplant Baked.
Drinking – organic soy milk with no sugar, almond milk, herbal tea, mineral water.
I was Proved that patients who   move to organic vegetarian diet can cureDiabetes.
Dr. Mordechai Hochberg nutrition booklet with 22 plus 28
Dr. Mordechai Hochberg nutrition booklet with 6 plus 77
Food Additives
Generally diabetics  have  low levels of vitamins and minerals. The reason is poor absorption of vitamins and minerals in the intestines.
Dr. Mordechai booklet Hochberg Nutrition Plus Ltd. 31 24.
The current law does not allow me to specify what the natural treatment recommended.Who want advice please see page about on this site.

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