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Constipation is a condition in which the colon is not emptied regularly and the frequency of stool is  small .
Constipation exists mainly in the western world where the source of  food is white flour products, and almost without  fruit and vegetables  ..
Conventional  medical definition for constipation is less than three stools in a week.
The natural way  naturopathy talking about at least one normal stool a day.
A few years ago bowel habits were examined in 1900 healthy Israelis, found that men have more time stools than women, young people have more than adults, lean and physically active, more than people who avoid physical activity and fat people , more stool time in married than in singles , more stools time in  Jews than and Arabs.

Constipation condition:
 pathology source
Problem makes it difficult in intestines innervation that reduce the ability to push the stool.
Obstruction in the small  or large intestine
Quick Peristaltic movement of the  intestinal. one  movement push and the other movement returns.
Crack or fissure in the anus, can cause pain, the person refrains from going, the stool stays in the intestines and become hard.
When a person lying in bed for several days because of continuing  disease.
Insufficient blood supply to the intestines and colon.
Rarely, intestinal blockage due to malignant disease.
Severe spine injury.
Low activity of the thyroid gland, high blood calcium levels,
Parkinson's disease, Scleroderma.
Irritable bowel.

 incorrect habits
In most cases, constipation occur due to incorrect dietary habits that  does not contain adequate fiber.
Not enough drinking .
Cow's milk can cause constipation.
Lack of exercise.
delay of stools because of bad sanitary state workplace.
Shrinking drugs, antidepressants, anti-pain – morphine, laxatives containing anti-acid medications aluminum hydroxide, bismuth salts, iron salts, medicines to treat Parkinson's disease, treatment of depression as Ameterpttilin, or medicine to treat diarrhea as Pervpnatlin. Anticholinergic ,blood pressure medications, sedatives, sleep,
Stress situations.
Constipation is a major reason for the development of chronic diseases.
Intestinal spasm,
Bloating, nausea,
Dizziness, headache, fatigue, insomnia.
Rarely development of colon cancer rectum.

large intestine The Fiber in the food we eat ,activate  the muscular pockets , and allowing the removal of bowel contents.

The large intestine is built as u form.
The intestine is not smooth hose but built as pockets.

There are more  enzyme  secretes mucus  in the large intestine  compared with small intestinal bowel that allow the  contents  of the intestinal pass smoothing out ..
In the large intestine there is no secretion of  digestion enzymes , but there is digestion thanks to bacteria exist in the intestinal.
vegetarian diet, contains more fiber and more water and therefore intestinal contents would be more versus animal foods eaters. more intestinal contents ,mean less suffer from constipation 8.

laxatives conventional treatment:

Volume enlargers preparations
Metilcellulose‏ ,- Prolonged use may cause spasm and swelling ..
Bisacodyl, Phenolphthalein -Not recommended for use over a week since the products can cause intestinal spasm.

soften  preparations
Remedy For example dokost – this is  detergent that reduce stool hardness by allowing water to seep into it. Increased volume stimulates the contractions of the intestine .

Mineral oil
Paraffin -.Softens the stool and ease exit stool from the body. Mineral oil may reduce the body's ability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins. Mineral oil can drip from rectum. Inhalation of fumes can cause serious health inciting paraffin is a distillate of petroleum and it is not natural material ..

Osmotic Preparations

Those products that attract large amounts of water into the colon and thereby soften the stool.

  The materials composed of minerals such as magnesium phosphate salts or magnesium sulfate, this is the  English salt that so familiar.
 There are also in this group  sugars that are not absorbed well such as Lactolose and sorbitol.

. These preparation can cause fluid retention in people who suffer from kidney disease, and heart failure. these preparations contain magnesium phosphate that can hurt people with  kidney failure.

Irritant laxatives
These drugs stimulate the colon walls and make it shrink and push the contents of the intestines.
The provoking substances are cassia or lexical extracts,  cascara , fenolftalein, biscodyl, castor oil. These causing exit within 6 to 8 hours..
If you use suppository , they act within fifteen minutes to an hour.
Disadvantage in that product that they cause intestinal contractions, addiction, develop lazy bowel activity that creates a laxative  dependence.

Natural Treatment For constipation:
Diet that includes enough fruits and vegetables, grains and beans.
Fiber – effective in treating constipation. Recommended amount for 20 to 40 grams of fiber per day ..
Psyllium – Psyllium  grow and work to clean the intestinal walls of waste accumulated.
Oats – contains plenty of fiber.
Carrot puree and red beets live – useful for increasing intestinal motility.
sprout  barley grass – is effective ..
Mixture to treat constipation

Morning – 2 Prunes, 2 dried figs, date, 1 spoon flax seed,
1 spoon Quaker.
Soak 4-8 hours in purified water and eat before breakfast.

Natural Treatment dilated bowel pockets

If large intestinal is not working properly for a long time, formed waste pockets full with decay bacteria an waste .Such intestinal  can hold in it 4 kg of waste.
Even if the person will become empty each day, it does not mean that the waste was empty. It is proposed to do in bowel cleansing through bowel washes with a qualified therapist.
Supplements natural treatment
The current law does not allow me to specify what the natural treatment recommended.

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