Cancer natural treatments

Natural treatment information  on cancer patients is prohibited and dangerous to natural therapists
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U.S. natural therapists who dared to offer natural treatment for cancer patients faced threats and detention.
Alternative doctors who managed to cure cancer patients were sent to prison for long periods, or exiled outside the U.S..
The policy of the Israeli Health Ministry doctors, is identical to U.S. policy.

That's why this site is not writ about alternative treatment methods for cancer, despite the fact that  the author  has experience of   thousands  cancer patients natural methods .

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Truthful information about natural remedies for cancer is intentionally oppressed by the medical establishment.Those who dare to offer health products with accurate descriptions about their anti-cancer attributes are threatened with arrest and imprisonment by the FDA and FTC The very best doctors who can really cure cancer have been either thrown in prison or run out of the country (which is why all the best cancer clinics in the world aren't located in the United States).

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