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Children with autism are no different from other children with their physical appearance, but there abnormal behavior  is irregular ..

The number of autistic children in the U.S. rose dramatically  from  one case of 2500 births in 1970, to one case of 285 births in 1999.
Today In Israel is one case of 100 or 200, depend whom you ask.,7340,L-4032747,00.html

The Number cases of autistic boys is four times than girls.
The Autistic symptoms that characteris autistic, are revealed in the first three years.
Autistic symptoms and characteristics are: 

Lack of communication with the world around them, there is no eye contact with others, learning difficulties, hyperactivity movements or repetitive speech, locking on an object, anxiety and worry, difficulty sleeping, enthusiasm from lighting,obsessive  touch from smooth objects, jumps up and down, screams and laughter for no apparent reason,

Eating strange objects such as paper, toothpaste and soap, sand.
Walking on tiptoe, flapping arms when excited.Obsessively rotated objects or themselves.
Beyond the external symptoms autistic children suffer from:
Persistent thirst, excessive sweating, low blood sugar, diarrhea, flushed face or ears, swelling of the intestines, nose infections, dark circles under the eyes.
In 1994, Dr. Rosemary Loring from Birmingham university in , England found that in most autistic children it is very low level of enzyme purify toxins-P-PHENOL-SULPHOTRANSFERASE
Lack of this enzyme  affects brain and nervous system.
73 percent of the children were observed as suffering from low levels of phenols.These sulfur compounds help to get rid of harm residue of drugs and chemicals.
Sulfur compounds tide to pharmaceutical and chemical residues , leading them into  kidneys in orde to discharge them .
Phenolic compounds produced also by our intesine by bacteria and fungi.
Side effects of autistic children increased by eating foods or chemicals including artificial food additives, food such as milk, corn, wheat, sugar, citrus.
There is suspicion that the triple vaccine that children receive in infancy is the leading cause of autism.
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Gluten and dairy products
In a study published on journal Applied Nutrition in 1990 realized that  considerable number of children with autism   develop gluten and milk antibodies. .
Components  of gluten and milk were also found  on  undigested urine indicating that  this food is  indigestive .Removal of gluten and dairy products  from daily diet improved the behavior of some autistic children,  and causing a decrease  in epileptic contractions.
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Artificial additives  are allergic.
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Eating a lot of sugar can increase autistic symptoms.
· Kidd, PM Autism, an extreme challenge to integrative medicine.Part II: medical management.Alternative Medicine Review.7 (6) :472-499, 2002.
Please note that  every child  allergic  to other  food or some foods.
It become clarified that the removal of allergens ,significantly facilitated the symptoms and the children were more aware of what is happening around them.
In 90 percent of autistic children  copper level was higher than normal  children.
Kidd, PM Autism, an extreme challenge to integrative medicine.Part II: medical management.Alternative Medicine Review.7 (6) :472-499, 2002.
Dr. Robert Edilonge neurological Medical Center at Duke University found that  in many autistic children, there is a lack of serotonin in the brain.  he also found that  the serotonin elevation improved the situation of most children with autism.
The children made contact with the world around them, sit in a circle with other children, played with other children, speak more and  their language improved .
It was found that autistic children suffer from the metabolism of serotonin.
The expression of this  is high level of serotonin and tryptophan in the blood.
Effects of Tryptophan Depletion in Drug-Free Adults With Autistic Disorder, "McDougle, Christopher J., MD, et al, Archives of General Psychiatry, 1996; 53:993-1000. (Address: Christopher J. McDougle, MD, Connecticut Mental Health Center, 34 Park Street, Room 333B, New Haven, CT 06519 USA) 26086 [psy]
Glutamate Decarboxylase
 Autistic children  have low level of the enzyme Glutamate Decarboxylase
Biol Psychiatry.52 (8) :805-810, 2002.
Hormone melatonin
It was found that  those who  suffer  from autism suffer  from Low level  of  melatonin hormone.
 Melke, J., et al.Abnormal melatonin synthesis in autism spectrum disorders.Mol Psychiatry.2007.
It was found that autistic children  suffered  from high level of homocysteine.
Pasca, SP, et al.High levels of homocysteine and low serum paraoxonase 1 arylesterase activity in children with autism.Life Sciences.2005.Drugs

Autistic children Usually tend to receive  drugs to suppress aggression  to the  environment or their bodies.

אצל 65 אחוזים מהילדים האוטיסטים היו סימנים חיצוניים של חוסר בשמנים רב בלתי רוויים כמו עור ברווז, עור יבש וקשה, שיער יבש, ציפורניים שבירות . לעומת זאת אצל ילדים בריאים אך 12 אחוזים סבלו מתופעות הלוואי החיצוניות.
Polyunsaturated fat saturated
In 65 percent of children with autism were signs of polyunsaturated oils deficiency, such goose skin, dry  and hard skin , dry hair, brittle nails.
In contrast with healthy children, only  12 percent had   external side effects .
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Vitamin B12
is recommended to check the level of vitamin B12 Meticoblamin  in autistic children's blood .Recommended laboratory tests

It is recommended to evaluate the state of biochemical tests amino acids, fatty acids, organic acids, minerals and red blood cells and serum, the test  is useless for most minerals.
Autism Research Institute in San Diego, California, at
ABA treatment
In a study published in 1987 by UCLA  it was found that treatment with ABA method  of
"Applied Behavioral Analysis " has helped  to 50 percent of the children.
Weekly is about 20 to 40 hours between the therapist and the autistic child.
Natural Treatment
 studies indicate that  their is increase food allergens  in autistic children's .These factors must be removed.
Supplements natural treatmentThe current law does not allow me to specify what  natural treatment recommended.

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