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About a quarter of the Israeli population (1.5 million) are at an advanced atherosclerosis, but more than a third of the Israeli public (36%) had never heard of this disease. According to (Wednesday, 18/04/2007) A survey conducted recently by Geocartography Institute.

On – according to the data, every year their are about 30,000 new heart attacks. 5000 patients of them will die as a result. 15 000 suffer a stroke each year, bringing the deaths of 5,000 patients and causes severe disability among 5000 other patients. 5000 patients undergo surgery following the narrowing of blood vessels from atherosclerosis, 1,000 patient undergo amputations as a result of damage to blood vessels of the lower limbs.

Coronary atherosclerosis: the arteriosclerosis 
 can damage the blood in the arteries leading to heart and can cause angina, myocardial infarction or even sudden death.
Peripheral atherosclerosis:  can strike any artery in the body such as:
·        Brain arteries and cause a stroke.
·        Veins of the eyes and cause vision damage.
·        Aorta and cause injury to the extremities to the point of gangrene.
 sclerosis  Process in the  artery wall ,can cause the aneurysm tore  of the artery and  sudden death.
In severe cases can cause serious damage to lungs, liver, spleen and intestines.
Risk Factors
·        Bad cholesterol oxidized LDL.
·        High levels of triglycerides.
·        Smoking.
·        Diabetes.
·        Hypertension.
·        Obesity.
·        Kidney failure.
·        Lack of exercise.
·        Homocysteine.
·        Platelet accumulation
·        C reactive protein
·        Acids in urine as a result of high insulin.
Heart disease and heredity
The common assumption that the cause of atherosclerosis is genetic, does not contribute to the prevention of sclerosis, since sclerosis is not genetic and because in any case there is no reason to invest in efforts to prevent it.
In the Literature there are more than 200 epidemiological studies that show that people in areas that do not have  atherosclerosis, in  stricken areas, they develop diseases at a similar rate to the population where they live.
 There are two types of multiple sclerosis
oily Atherosclerosis  -have fat in the
blood vessels

calcium Arteriosclerosis  – have calcium in the blood vesseles.
Atherosclerotic plaque creation process with calcium
 sclerotic creation process starts weakening  the layer that protects the endotel cell which is the inner layer called the intima in blood vessels.
 free radicals damage cell membranes and damage the pump calcium magnesium cell walls.
When the calcium magnesium  pump is weakened high amounts of calcium  penetrating cells. Normally the amount of calcium outside the cell 10 000 times higher than inside the cell. It can not remove the calcium that penetrated the cells and does not prevent leakage of magnesium down the cell ..Infiltration of calcium into cells affects the normal functioning of cells.
As just a normal function of calcium magnesium pump removal of heavy metals following the removal of free radicals and therefore, enables proper operation of the pump.
Without the removal of  the heavy metals from the cells  calcium cause cell swelling plaques.
Plaque continues to grow until it clogs the arteries by 90 percent, then people usually feel symptoms of blockage.
Atherosclerotic plaque creation process with fats
Decline of lipoproteins intima:
Endothelial damage of the artery, causing the blood flow  lipoproteins, will sink in the intima and cause the appearance of strips of fat called FATTY STREAKS.
Flow interruption:
 fat deposits cause endotel  protrude into the space.
Ingestion of lipoproteins:
Monocytes which are Macrophages, begin to swallow the lipoproteines turn to "Foam cells"  because the cytoplasm (cell fluid) full with fat.
Monocytes try to actually "clean up" the intima and if there is not much fat they do succeed – but if it sank a large quantity are simply "stuck" inside.
 formation  sclerosis  plaque (layer) :
 The smooth muscle cells in the intima proliferate and others migrate from the media under the endothelium and begin to secrete fiber – mainly collagen.
Formed  fibrotic cover  over  foam cell, forming an organized outlet now reads "
sclerosis plaques (ATHEROMA).
Some of the foam cells die and spill their fat contents  into the plaque.This creates the characteristic necrotic core containing mostly  cholesterol crystallization.
There are various methods to diagnose disease.
1) those without symptoms of the disease:
·        Doctor check is necessary.
·        Blood tests to check sclerosis .
lipid levelel in blood.
2.       homocysteine levels in blood.
3.       CRP levels in blood.
4.       Urine protein test.
With symptoms of angina at rest or with effort, limp off, full or partial paralysis or paralysis passes must contact the family doctor because  the disease is a systemic disease and therefore need to test all the systems clearly a full set:
1.       electrocardiogram – Checking heart at rest.
2.       ergometry –  heart Check  effort.
3.       Imaging isotopes by checking effort by Thallium .
4.        catheterization the coronary arteries
      Virtual CT of the heart.
6.       Duplex of neck and brain arteries.
7.        nuclear medicine imaging. Tomography.
8.       catheterization in the injured arteries as arteries in the kidney, aorta, leg arteries and veins of dormancy.
Homocysteine is a toxic metabolite formed in the body  from amino acid methionine to amino acid
Homocysteine occurs when there is no enough level of vitamins B6 and B12 and Folic acid.
This metabolite causes a significant increase in atherosclerosis.  it  cause the same risk factor for smoking and level of high blood fats.
JAMA JUNE 11 1997; 277 22; 1775-1781

Zinc and selenium deficiency also causes an increase in homocysteine.


Stamper a Professor epidemiologist in Harvard  found that quite a 12 percent level of homocysteine in men increasing the probability of heart attack  3.4 times
JAMA 1992: 268:877-71
Only oxygenated  cholesterol, causing damage to artery walls and creating atherosclerosis.
 cholesterol receptors do not absorb oxidized cholesterol.
LDL cholesterol is considered bad cholesterol.
But a Lpa cholesterol or lipoprotein A cholesterol ,is considered dangerous 10 times LDL,Causing heart attacks.
A lipoprotein LDL cholesterol is similar in structure, but has a sticky protein called A  lipoprotein .
High level of LDL cholesterol less dangerous than low level of LDL lipoprotein A if there is.
Lpa cholesterol level of 40 mg per deciliter or higher, is a dangerous level.
Textbook of Natural Medicine Joseph Pizzorno Jr ND 2000 p 1110
Platelet accumulation
Increased accumulation of platelets worn a risk factor for heart disease and stroke Brain.
when Platelets accumulate  they secrete components Promote atherosclerosis, or they can produce a gel that can Block the passage of blood.
sticking level of platelets depends on the type of fat in the diet.
Level of antioxidants in the blood.
Saturated fat and cholesterol, factors and platelets accumulate fat.
Omega-3 blood thinner.
 Textbook of Natural Medicine Joseph Pizzorno Jr ND 2000 p 1120
C reactive protein
High levels of reactive protein C is also a factor in sclerosis and is caused by inflammation, resulting from periodontal disease, candidiasis, chlamydia Panaomaonia, Helicobacter pylori, herpes viruses, or Catomgalu viruses.
This protein was created following the prolonged inflammation in the body from viruses and bacteria. Excess iron and ferritin encourage viral bacterial culture.
Risk of fatal heart attack is 8.5 times as reactive protein levels are higher.
Science News Sep 18 2000
J Invas Cardiol 2000 12 Suppl 2B-7B
Diet plus 47 order.
Smoking is considered the most dangerous factor in the formation of heart disease. The risk of heart attack or suffer a stroke is 3 times  to 5  higher in smokers versus nonsmokers.
Textbook of Natural Medicine Joseph E Pizzorno Jr ND 1110
Diabetes affects blood vessels by creating languishing from lack of oxygen.
Diabetes is accompanied by the creation of free radicals, Elevate insulin causes an increase in blood pressure, High cholesterol and triglycerides.
Textbook of Natural Medicine Joseph E Pizzorno Jr NDp 1113
Uric acid and insulin
The main reason for the level of uric acid in the body is insulin resistance .The body secretes high amounts of insulin in response to excessive consumption of sugars and starch-containing foods with high glycemic index as well as root vegetables.
Among women who were with the higher level of uric acid, were 3 times more deaths from heart attack than women with lower level.Amongmen in the higher level of uric acid were recorded in heart attack deaths by 77% more.
Dr. Hochberg Mordechai Nutrition Plus 2002

Natural treatment of high uric acid

Prevention through dietary change that includes wheat flour products, cessation of sugars, reducing starch containing root vegetables long.
High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure affects the blood vessels due to pressure on blood vessel walls.
Lack of regular exercise.
The New England Journal of Medicine, February 25, 1993; 328 (8) :538-545.
Menopausal hormone use
Women taking the hormones were at risk of developing blood clots three times compared with women who took hormones.
JAMAJuly 17, 2002; 288:321-333)
Western lifestyle
Many populations in atherosclerosis not affected until adopted the western lifestyle.
Standard treatment
The treatments are:
·        Conservative treatment by drugs.
·        Orderly exercise supervision.
·        Invasive treatment by catheterization 
expansion stenosis by balloon
·        Today more and more insertion of stent supports stenosis .
·        Bypass surgery in obstruction that can not be treated.
Bypass surgery
   Article published in New England Journal of Medicine March 22, 1984,
Refers to death from heart disease.According to a comparative study, there was no
Significant statistical difference regarding the extension of life expectancy between people
Who underwent heart surgery and people who did not undergo cardiacsurgery.Also
More surgery did not prevent additional heart attacks.
5Myocardial Infarction and Mortality in the Coronary Artery Surgery Study (CASS) Randomized Trial, N.Eng.J.Med.1984, 310,No.12:750-758
Professor of Cardiology at Washington University School of Medicine, Cardiology Center Director Thomas Preston writes a magazine for physiciansMD Magazine, Feb.1995..
"Cardiac surgery do not affect public health and possibly the opposite is true .. surgeries do not cure heart disease, extensive use of these operations is a scandal, the high operating cost budget affects other sources of these budgets need really."
"Half of surgical operations carried out in the U.S. are unnecessary.
Scientific studies conducted over the past decade have shown that certain situations but in some cases, required heart surgery.
Cardiac surgery do not save lives or prevent heart attacks.
Those patients with vascular disease, those treated without surgery, life expectancy enjoyed living in the same patients undergoing cardiac surgery. "
Side effects of heart surgery
5 years after bypass surgery, with 42 percent of the patients's there a significant decline of cognitive ability.
   Volume 344:395-402
Number 6
61 percent of the patients affect the nervous system.
Br Med J 1986 293165-167
Usual complications are replacing the heart arteries by 32 percent;
Blood loss, complications of mechanical implants, infections, respiratory problems.
Blocked arteries stent insertion
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   Supplements natural treatment
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