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Asthma is a hypersensitivity of the bronchi  causing respiratory disorders.
Number of patients in hospitals in the U.S.  asthma attacks  increased in the past 30 years to five times.
About 20 million people suffer from asthma in the United States. But mostly suffer from asthma are children under 10.
Number of white children is twice the number of girls.
There are two types of asthma:
Externally: bronchial reaction to different allergens.
Antigens (allergens) cause allergic reactions are:
 pollen – cause seasonal allergens.
 house dust and mites inside, mold, hair and scales of domestic animals.
Internal reaction of the bronchi and environmental pollution.
Allergenic antigens types are:
Detergents, toxic metals, chemicals, smoke, industrial and vehicles smoke.
Foods such as dairy products, meat, corn, non-organic soy, nuts, white sugar products, flour with gluten, artificial food additives such as preservatives, taste additives, smell additives, drugs .
Characteristics of the attack:
Difficulty  of breathing – Difficulty to exhale and inhale air.
Exhalation with a beep.
pressure in the chest.
Fatigue and weakness.
The main factors involved in asthma are:
Sensitivity of the airways.
Heated oils and fats and oils of omega-6.
Release of inflammatory factors Histmin components from mast cells.
Pollution of air, water and food.
Artificial food additives.
vaccines Particularly against pertussis . 
Lypoxygenase- this  Leukotriene are the most harmful components in patients with asthma.
These  Leukotriene component   LTC4, LTD4 LTE4, cause 1000  time more  constricting of the bronchi than histamine.
It was found that in patients with asthma ,there is no balance in the metabolism of archidonic acid which Increased Leukotriene creation.(1)
Arachidonic acids are mainly exist in unsaturated oils and little more  in omega-6 oils.
Food Additives
Artificial food additives, like preservatives and color, Terterzine, Amarant and many other factors  cause asthma attacks.(2)
hydrochloric acid

study found that the level of stomach acid for most children with asthma is less than normal.

Low levels of stomach acid leads to allergies. (4)

 treated  Candida  fungus was a great relief of asthma symptoms. (5)

Clinical studies has been shown that foods like fish, eggs, nuts, peanuts caused an immediate reaction and foods like chocolate, wheat, citrus, food coloring made a late response. (7)

Smoke damage by vehicles
In a study conducted in the city of Bermingham in England, examining the effect of air pollution on the 2000 children up to age 5.
The study showed that in children who lived near busy traffic areas, prevalence of asthma was greater in the 12 to 74 percent, than in children who lived far away the main roads, between 200 and 500 meters.
The researchers found that nitrogen monoxide fumes damage the immune system and cause a greater incidence
Of cases of asthma.
Bronchi air flow disruption caused by:
Wall inflammation and edema of the bronchi.
Contraction of muscles surrounding the bronchi.
Accumulation of viscous mucus in the bronchi.
various blood cell from the blood, pass into the side of the bronchi secrete chemical substances that stringent inflamation.conventional treatment

Pharmaceutical solutions inhalation.
Airobnat contains IPRATROPIUM 0.25 MG
Examples of inhaler drugs
Plixotid – contains FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE 250 MCG
Side effects of drugs may cause:
Irregular heartbeat, increased airway inflammation, increased allergic sensitivity, insomnia, tremor, headache, nausea and vomiting, glaucoma and cataracts, suppression of adrenal glands, growth suppression, immune system suppression, a tendency to infections, osteoporosis, recurrent infections of Candida and more.
Natural Treatment
Natural treatment includes nutritional supplements
Recommended organic diet with no allergens such as milk products, corn products, wheat products, eggs, and citrus. (9)
Without potentially allergenic diet – recommended only organic source
Gluten free grains like brown rice, buckwheat, millet, potatoes, sweet potatoes, almonds, alfalfa, avocado, cabbage, cauliflower, beets, asparagus, olives, broccoli, carob, cayenne pepper, Chamomil, parsley, cinnamon, cucumber, cumin, dates ,  ginger, , fennel, grapefruit, rosemary, roses, , beans, safflower oil cold press, sage, beans sprouts, tahini, turmeric.
Vegetarian Diet
Research in asthma patients  fed a vegetarian diet showed a significant improvement in 92 percent of patients after one year.In 71 percent of patients had improved after 4 months.
Diet also removed components allergens such as coffee, sugar, salt, chocolate. patients drank mineral water and herbal teas.(8)

cause a worsening in attack situations.(3)
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