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 Today defined approximately 100 various rheumatic diseases include arthritis .
The most common diseases are:
Known as degenerative arthritis.
RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS  known as rheumatic arthritis.
The main differences between the two diseases are :
Osteoarthritis is a local disease in the body and Rheumatoid  arthritis is a disease related to the whole body, systemic and  autoimmune.

The first symptoms of osteoarthritis usually occur at the middle age  or later, and rheumatic arthritis affects  already in the twenties and thirties.
Rheumatoid arthritis causes inflammation in joints , and osteoarthritis causes joints degeneration .
Osteoarthritis  is more common than rheumatic arthritis
Osteoarthritis – degenerative arthritis;
Caused by degeneration or destruction of joint cartilage and in the near bone. The Joint is harden and  instead of cartilage , come out bony protrusion . The disease can cause pain and stiffness.
Men and women injured equally.
from age 65, between 63 percent to 85 percent of the population in the western world will suffer of osteoarthritis.
(Kasper DL et al 2004).
Text book of Medicine Philadelphia Pa wb Sounders 1996 p 1517-1521

mild infection if any, exist .
Muscles of  joints become weak and the joints become deform painful and installed
when the disease progresses Bones become fragile .
hands joints and legs become twitching.
Osteoarthritis  usually affects the neck, lower back, fingers   thigh and knee.
Text book of Medicine Philadelphia Pa wb Sounders 1996 p 1517-1521
in certain joints like in the knee, the  ligaments surrounding the joint and support him, stretched and reduces the stability of the joint. touch and movement of the joint can hurt, hip also becomes stiff and painful .
Back pain are the most common symptom due to damaged of  spinal joints.
Osteoarthritis in neck and lower back can result in lost of sensation in certain places on the body , odd pain  sensations and weakness in the arm or the leg .
The assumption is that  during the osteoarthritis disease the building  collagen cells  and the proteoglycane inside the collagen, are not function well and  begins to store water and swelling, and often become soft and cracked.
some times excess growth of the bone may actually (not cancerous) press on the nerves or blood vessels that moves  blood to the brain. this can cause a feeling of vertigo nausea and vomiting. When tumors on bone actually press on  esophagus it is difficult to swallow.
Rarely caused  infection  in synovial membranes.
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To diagnose the osteoarthritis disease it is recommended   not be satisfied by questioning but to do X-rays. On osteoarthritis we shall see a narrowing of the joint space  and growing of bone .
Poor diet that includes food allergens.
Collagen joints enzymes, causing the attack to destroy cartilage tissue.
Using long-term multi-type anti-inflammatory drugs.
Overloading of the joints such as from obesity, prolonged standing.
Sub thyroid
People who suffering from hyperthyroidism tend to have more osteoarthritis.
The assumption is that the normal activity of the thyroid gland and liver, allows normal activities of chondrocytes building the cartilage.
Sem Arthr Rheum 1984 14 106-133
  rheumatoid arthritis
Rheumatoid degenerative arthritis is an autoimmune disease. In this disease the joints are attacked by the immune system and slowly destroyed.
This disease is less common than osteoarthritis that affects up to three women than  men.
First symptoms appear between the ages of 25 and 50 Although the disease can occur at any age even in childhood. The disease is Systemic and can attack the whole system and can harm the body and not just joints.
Problems associated with arthritis are inflamed blood vessels, heart attack, neuropathy – damage to the nervous system, and other health complications.
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 The entire process of arthritis is characterized by inflammation .mast cells secreteinflammatory cytokines which are  secrete by the immunesystem..
lymphocytes, macrophages  and fibroblast arepenetrated   to the synovial membrane The result, increasing activities of cytokines that responsible for the symptoms of rheumatic arthritis.
The theory how caused cartilage destruction is not understood enough, but obvious assumption is that there is Interleukine 1, 6, Leukotriene 4, TNF – alpha  that prevent production of   cartilage. These cytokines damage cartilage, prevent creation of new cartilage and increase joint activity in bone cells.
Kasper DL et al 2005). Kasper DL et al 2005).
The symptoms are:
Rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by swelling, fatigue, anemia, weight loss, fever, and pain.
Symptoms are usually symmetrical, and they appear at the wrists, knees, feet.Symptoms include pain and increase during movement ..There is stiffness of the limbs when you set up in the morning, lasts about an hour.Affected areas are warmer and sign of infection ..
Rheumatologist found that 65 percent of those injured by the disease, there are antibodies in the blood called
 RHEUMATOID FACTORS and their attendance approve the

 physicians that the disease is a Rheumatoid arthritis.
These antibodies also can be found in other autoimmune diseases .
The problem is that the blood test can show the antibodies in 20 percent of people older than 65, but people are not suffering from arthritis .
Therefore, additional testing to Assyria disease will be the synovial fluid content, ESR level to find inflammation and  following symptoms questioning :
Morning stiffness of joints that lasts about an hour.
Swelling of the joints at least 3 types of joints.
Swelling of  joints fingers and hand  area.
Swelling symmetrical points on both sides of the  body.
Rheumatoid factors antibody in the blood.
X-ray indicating erosion of the joints.
C-reactive protein – a higher level than 1.3 -2.0 mg / L  indicates that inflammation in the body is occur.
Rheumatoid arthritis characteristic:
This is a disease that affects all the synovialjoints.
Studies show that in arthritis sufferers, there is increased intestinal permeability.
Immune system identifies the synovial membranes, as foreign and attacks them.
Characterized by chronic inflammation, damage to cartilage and tissues around the joint. .Theinflammation stimulates creation of enzymes that attacking the cartilage.
Usually affects the joints of your knees and palms.
Rheumatoid arthritis in advanced mode, there are damage to  and blood vessels nerves, eyes, skin and lungs, distorted form of wrists.
Between 10 and 20 percent of people recover completely within a few years.
From 5 to 10 percent of the disease causes severe disability.
about 70 to 80 percent of the disease develops slowly with periodic outbreaks.
Rheumatoid arthritis causes:
Diseases are uncommon in primitive societies, but common on developed Western societies.
This is autoimmune disease , which the immune system attacks the joints, cartilage, membranes synovial, due to an allergic diet.
The flora of the intestinal is permeable to dietary antigens.
The synovial  membranes are identified by the immune system, as a foreign body and attack them. The consequence is inflammation.
Anti-inflammatory drugs which are not steroids, causing the intestines to be permeability to proteins that are not enough dismantled,, the result autoimmune activity ..
InInflammatory arthritis conditions can be both viruses and bacteria or fungi.streptococcus,Staphylococcus, gonococal Hemophilus, and more.
What is cartilage?
The cartilage is Aqueous tissue composed of water 65-80 percent.
Healthy cartilage is like a sponge and it s exist between the two ends of adjacent bones.
The  proteoglycane and collagen, that exist in cartilage giving cartilage its ability to slide and blocking of the shocks.
The cartilage Saturated with synovial liquid function as oil to the joint.
In effort situation fluids are pushed out and then they return to their places.
Cartilage lose fluid In patients with osteoarthritis so the flexibility, strength lose and crack also exist.
Subsequently, cartilage eroded as a result of friction bones one with other , and caused pain.
Conventional treatment
Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs as aspirin Ibuprofen Indomicin naproxen, Tolmetin,Sulindac accelerate the progression joint destruction
5A; 29 LANCET 1985 SUPPL  J Rheumatol 1982 9 3-5
All drugs have side effects, such as gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers, ringing in the ears and dizziness, swelling liquids.
Gold salts can cause ulcers and other stomach problems.
In any case there is no cure.
Every year hundreds of thousands of U.S. performed knee surgery in order to relieve joint pain,
In a study conducted in Houston VA Medical Center Medical Center in the U.S. osteoarthritis patients treated in three types of such treatments. One group with 180 patients underwent conventional joint replacement surgery, the second group underwent only slight cut on their knees and rinsing of the knee with solution to remove inflammatory enzyme . The third group underwent knee rinse  clean from inflamed elements.
All groups were told that they have one chance in three that have the procedure in its entirety.But none of them, did not know who really has the real operation.
After a year and again after two years the groups report  their feeling on the  "surgery they were performed.
In July 11 2002 The leading journal The New England Journal of Medicine reports  the results of the study.It made clear that the three groups reported improvement in their condition.
The Research Manager Doctor Bruce Mosley who performed the all 180 surgery wrote and said "This study demonstrates that the operations performed in patients with rheumatoid arthritis are not effective "…..
Other risk factors
Estrogen hormone, estradiol aggravates the problem.It is recommended to consume foods containing Phytoestrogens that bind estrogen as soy, celery, nuts, grains and bean, apples and more.
Sem Arthr Rheum 1984 14 106-133
Diabetics patients suffer more from osteoarthritis disease .They also suffer more than the severity of the disease.Diabetes is characterized by insensitivity to insulin or lack of insulin.
InsulinHormone increases chondrocytes creation, that  necessary for
  proteoglycane building  is required to build cartilage.Insulin deficiency due to diabetes, caused reduction in creating chondrocytes.
Increasing growth hormone level, contributes to aggravate osteoarthritis.Women who suffer from osteoporosis, have a relatively high level of growth hormone compared with women who do not suffer from osteoporosis.
Hormone Res 1982 16: 353-356
Sem Arthr Rheum 1984 14 106-133
An important way to prevent most types of arthritis, is exercise.
Their is no blood supply that feeds the joint .The joints receive oxygen and nutrition and empty out waste as a result of the movement of synovial fluid.
Weight Loss
Weight loss is needed when it obese – extra weight might destroy the joints.
Obese men are at high risk of 70 percent to develop arthritis and obese women  at high risk of 50 percent of develop arthritis.
Hospital treatment natural methods:
Comparative study done in a hospital in Oslo Norway, a group of nutritional therapy underwent treatment for a week to 10 days. During which the patients drank herbal teas, vegetable juices carrots, beets, and celery. Vegetables, some potatoes.
After the diet the researcher add every 48 hours new  vegetarian food . if it made clear that the food did not cause pain and swelling, they continued to give the food.
If food caused unwanted effects, they removed it and return it back after a week. If it made clear that the food did not cause pain they continue to supply it. But if the situation  worsening, they  removed it from the menu entirely.
The study indicated that the treatment caused a significant reduction in symptoms of the disease.
This study indicates that when the immune system is not stimulant by allergens component , the results is relaxation and most side disappeared
Recommended diet:
Organic vegetarian diet, living food as possible, with plenty of vegetables and some fruits.
American Journal of natural Medicine. VOL 3 NO 1 1996
It is recommended to drink 2-5 cups daily fresh vegetable juice, carrots, beets and celery, and fresh as possible.
American Journal of natural Medicine.VOL 3 NO 1 1996
Allergic foods
removal of allergic food  ease patients significantly.
Example of foods that can cause allergy;
Various types of corn, oats, yeast, soy, snails, eggs, shrimp, wheat, dairy products, meat,  solanaceous vegetable
LANCET 1986 I 236-238     LANCET 1991 338; 899-902   HEUMATOL 1994 13; 475-82
Also avoid smoking, alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, apple cider vinegar, chocolate, nuts and ,baked almonds.
It is recommending diet containing whole carbohydrates, including grains legume and  sprout .
70 percent of arthritis patients, sensitive to nightshade vegetable as:
Peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, paprika and tobacco.
Nightshade vegetables eating response can be expressed within 8 hours.
Suspicion falls on different alkaloids exist in these vegetables.
In situations where there is inflammation is necessary to reduce archidonic acid that exist insaturated fat like ..
 dairy products, eggs, and meat . it is necessary to exclude  all kind of saturated fats from any source.
 Supplements natural treatment
The current law does not allow me to specify what  natural treatment  is recommended.

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