ALS natural treatments

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis-ALS
Muscular dystrophy disease

This is a degenerative disease of the movement nervous system , in which the  brain and spinal nerve is hurt.

ALS affects the victim's ability to activate motion muscles  , but the victim's brain and senses remain normal.
The disease occurs usually at Aged 40 to 70 and hurt  5 people out of 100 000. the sickness can hurt even more young ages.
5 to 10 percent  of the cases are called familial ALS.
20 percent of them are diagnosed with genetic damage of the antioxidant enzyme SOD. Superoxide dismutase-1.
(Sung JJ et al 2002, Rosen DR et al 1993)


The disease causes degeneration of the movements nervous system , where  signals  moves from the brain and spine  to the body muscles .
The disease initially affects the hands and there is difficulty in bathing ,dressing. sometimes affects the neck, causing difficulty in swallowing. If it hits the legs, there are difficulties in walking.

Symptoms include
Muscle weakness, difficulty in lifting objects  going up the stairs, muscle cramp , hoarseness, paralysis.
Difficulty in talking,  swallowing,  breathing, swelling of the feet, ankles, weight loss.
The disease does not affect the ability of thinking.

  known reason for the sickness  :
free radicals,
high level of the neurotransmitter Glutomate,
Injury of cell organn energy  ,  the mitochondrion.
Heavy metals and other environmental pollution.

  Free radicals
Free radicals are components that are not stable, with an odd number of electrons that  tend to pull electrons from  other molecules, especially those in cell membranes.
Free radical damage the nervous system  in the ALS type familial. This happens when the gene SOD is not functioning.
When this enzyme deficient, free radicals cause oxidative damage to the nerve cells.
Researchers found that patients with a sporadic ALS  suffer similar side effects such ALS  familial patients such accumulation of calcium between cells, accumulation of  proteins and mitochondrial damage .
Cameron A et al 2002


Toxicity Galutamate

The Glutomate neurotransmitter required for  proper functioning of the brain due to his  role between cell connection.
Normally  the concentration of glutamate is regulated.
In a stroke or muscle cramps,  a high amount of the neurotransmitter is secreted the  to space between the cell nerve . This high amount can cause nerve mortality.
  ALS patients have high level of neurotransmitter glutamate . the neurotransmitter glutamate is responsible for transferring 75 percent of the information created by nerve stimulation. The uniqueness of the neurotransmitter glutamate is that it can cause   so hard irritation nerve, until  neuron injury.
In Als patients there is information that neurotransmitter glutamate  does not function properly.
Rothstein JD 1995

Study found that ALS patients have 70 percent increase in glutamate plasma level  compared to a control group .. Plaitakis et al. 1993
glutamate exist in high level in monosodium Glutomate  problematic and synthetic flavorings.

Nelson et al. 2000 .

The  large amounts of the neurotransmitter gluamate allows to more calcium to enter the cells. Excess of calcium causes intense cellular activity and causes the creation of free radicals.

Supplements can reduce the levels of the neurotransmitter glutamate.

Doble A 1999; Rothstein JD 1995; Martin D et al 1993

Damage to mitochondria
mitochondrion are the energy factories in the cells. They are responsible for creating the ATP, the energy the body's cell activity, removing free radicals, and regulation of intracellular calcium concentration.
ALS patients have a change in the mitochondrion.
Menzies FM et al 2002
Abnormal activity of mitochondrion leads to creation of free radicals or increasing the level of calcium between cells.
their are Supplements which help to  functioning  proper activity of mitochondrion.

Environmental pollution of heavy metals
Although there is debate about whether the disease causes by environmental pollution. There are studies that have found such a link . ther are studies that did not found any link.
I will note the studies that identified such a connection.
Gresham LS et al 1986

It was found that people exposed to pesticides including synthetic agricultural fertilizer were hurt twice than control group that do not exposed to these chemicals.
Baker 1996; McGuire et al.1997

Xeno biotic chemicals such as toluene, xylene, hexanes, benzene, trichloroethane, styrene, phytates, pesticides. are lipophile componentsthat that can  penetrate into the  brain membranes  and  can cause nerve damage.

Many pesticides are designed to operate on the nervous system of living ¸ attacking the vegetation in agriculture activity.  these materials can express in even weeks from the moment of exposure.
Prazmo 1978; Ames et al.1995; Keifer et al.1997).
Penetration of aluminum to the body also can cause disease. source come from  money paper,  pharmaceutical, beverage cans, deodorants, and more …
Yasui et al. 1991a
Research found that to much mercury  accumulated in the body may connect to  ALS .
Mano Y et al 1990

  In Lyme disease and poliomyelitis's there is problem of  inflammatory  symptoms. the disease are similar to ALS, so the assumption is that the infection originated from the  stress oxidation.

(Garcia-Moreno et al. 1997).

 conventional treatment
The medicinethat treat Als colled is Riluzole.

this medicine has proven to extend life expectancy in patients with ALS for two months ..
(Lacomblez L et al 1996).

Is stem cell therapy is the hope of healing the disease?.
 Stem cells are immature cells that can become a specific body cell.
U.S. government bans stem cell therapy. only  few researches done on curing ALS using stem cells.
anyway two studies in laboratory animals provide hope.
·        Stem cells delayed motor neuron degeneration in mouse models of ALS (Salini V et al 2004).
·        Bone-marrow-derived stem cells injected into human ALS patients were safe (Silani V et al 2004).

There are supplements that increase the level of stem cells.
Treatment of multiple sclerosis patients by natural methods may will help  the  issues raised which causes  the disease.
because their is  assumption  that the damage from environmental pollution is the reason for the illness, it is necessary to purify the body.
Organic diet is required to prevent persistent pollution and allow the body to begin the process of purification.
In addition, inappropriate nutrition can accelerate destruction of muscle tissues and the weakening  the immune system.
The inappropriate nutrition can cause inflammation that causes mortality in patients with ALS.
Aldrich TK 1993).
Food Additives
Studies indicated that use of dietary supplements reduced the symptoms and improved quality of life in patients
(Cameron A et al 2002).

Unfortunately, the law exist today , Does not allow me to point out which food additives were found effective even if the source is from  academic research.

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