Allergies and skin natural treatments

Allergies and skin diseases.
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Allergy is a strong response of the immune system cause by environmental or food ,that  usually the body does not respond to them.

The term  allergy which in Greek mean other reaction

coined the phrase  an Austrian pediatrician nature at the beginning of last century ,noticed the sudden and unexpected reactions in children vaccinated against chickenpox.
Allergies can manifest as respiratory problems, shortness of breath, asthma, hay fever, runny nose and respiratory tract infections.
Allergies can manifest skin problems such as dermatitis, rashes, itching, blemishes, eczema,
Allergies can manifest digestive problems such as abdominal pain, indigestion and ulcers, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome.
Allergies can be expressed also as headaches.Source Most migraine headaches is food allergy.

What are the factors that activate the immune system and allergic reaction?
Allergies can be caused by synthetic chemicals or natural substances inhaled as, staminate  of plants, animal hair, house mites, contact with metals especially nickel, perfumes, detergents, pesticides, industrial chemicals mainly medicines.
The most common environmental allergies is hay fever.Perhaps you ask yourself, why exactly certain people injured Allergy and why others do not.
Well, the reason come from the victim's medical condition prior to the injury of the allergy.
If the person suffering from exposure to chemicals allergen  or increased exposure to allergens, or failing of immune system,  his chance to be injured by allergy is higher than someone who didnot suffered from increased exposure to chemical allergens and damaged immune system ..
Allergy caused by food – there are two types of food allergies:

Food allergy caused by over penetration of  the intestinal.
enzyme deficiency of gastric acid protein dismantling. in this mode  components of food that are not digested enough, penetrate into blood and cause excessive reaction of the immune system.
Other causes of bowel penetration are:

injury to the walls of the intestines due to intestinal disease.

Imbalance of intestinal flora, the lack of maturity of the digestive system in infants, poor digestion,
Chronic diarrhea or constipation, chronic use of laxatives,Antacids, antibiotics, steroids, alcohol.

Allergy caused by a food intolerance, for example:
Wheat products, dairy products, yeast, meat products, cereal, oysters, chocolate, peanuts, sugar, flavors, and other artificial supplements.

Immune system has the ability to identify the substances that enter the body or exist in the  body  throug certain cells or antibodies.
The Immune system produces antibodies called IGE that exist in the body and waiting for the arrival of allergen that his source come from the diet, components of dust, mold, food, staminate flowers and more.
When's there allergic reaction, blood detected elevated levels of these antibodies.
When there is allergic reactions in the blood can be found high levels ofEosinophils which their role in inflammatory factors to  secrete substances like histamine.
in response to secretion of histamine formed a phenomenon of itching, redness, rash, runny nose, tears, breathlessness, and other phenomena.
What is the natural solution to allergy problems?

   The solution of the problem depends on the type of allergen. Are they environmental chemicals and artificial origin, or synthetic origin, or they are from your diet ?.
In most cases the source of the reason is nutrition
Adult people eat  every day one kg of food, and drink approximately 2 liters of liquids per day. If the food contains chemicals, they affect the immune system and disrupt its activities. The assumption  that  the food contains chemicals, is a fact, other than organic food that do not contains chemicals.
But even if the food contains no chemicals, it can be an allergenic if the immune system recognizes it as an allergen.
In this situation the  immune system, already was damaged and the ability to recognize a colleague or an enemy.

After questioning when it became clear , that the alergy is not artificial or natural chemicals such as, staminate plants,  animal hair, house mites, contact with metals especially nickel, perfumes, detergents, industrial chemicals or drugs, the treatment will include diet elimination, namely the removal of most components diet suspected allergens on food instead recommended  non allergenic food, such as vegetables, low-gluten bread,  low-gluten cereals , gluten free, like quinoa, buckwheat, rice,Seeds such as cold press sesame seeds, avocado, almonds, that  are not allergic, yams, potatoes, carob, grapefruit, dates and more.

The natural treatment of allergic conditions such as eczema, respiratory, gastrointestinal, include supplements that  suitable for the particular problem
The Information for use  the  food supplements is based on academic research.

Diet without allergens will be implemented in all situations, depend of the patient's ability to endure.when the patient finds it difficult to diet, the allergic foof would removed gradually.
After a month, when there is an  improvment elergic food in the past can be  added . but every day more new food ..If allergic reaction returns, it must be cease the  allergic food  for several months.
 sum up

Allergic conditions can be helped by using natural treatment. It is Necessary the  cooperation of the patient, by assuming responsibility for his recovery

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