Acne natural treatment

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Acne is the most common skin problem and it starts in adolescence, but can occur in adults.
Acne appears especially in regions rich milk glands inside SEBUM mainly on both sides of nose and chin and neck , a lesser extent on the back chest and shoulders.
Western diet linked to clearly states acne,  there is a lesser extent in African countries like Zambia and Kenya.
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sebaceous glands
sebaceous glands connecte to the hair follicles. There is no hair follicle without sebaceous glands.
In facial  skin exist 800 sebaceous glands in

square centimeter.

epithelium cell in hair follicles falling from the wall of the follicle, they become sticky from the  sebaceous and begin to stick into blocks so they block the passage of sebaceous to the skin surface.

 mixture of the sebaceous and keratin causes bacteria that usually exist on  the skin to multiply in the blocked follicle.

It is known that sex hormones stimulate the cells on the hair canal walls, causing  to create keratin and sebaceous .  blocking  hair canal causes  create inflammation.
Number of difficult cases in males is 57 percent , but only  22 percent  for girls .
This indicates that the level of testosterone role in causing acne, Following the intense hormonal activity in adolescence or by the use of artificial hormones like birth control pills.
Prolonged use of antibiotic caused resistance  acne bacteria  that  worsening the wounds.
Increased level of hormones can aggravate acne.

 The Nutrition conection
 milk conection
Most likely that the cause of teenage acne is the creation of a hormone 5α-dihydrotestosterone which cause skin fats .
Cow's milk contains hormones like progesterone, 5 alpha-reductase, other hormones that can make the hormone Dihydrotestosterone. These hormones are exist in  cow's milk and special when  cows are pregnant. About 75 to 90 percent of market milk come from such milk. The enzymes that necessary for making the dihydrotestosterone hormones are exist in the skin glands .
Another assumption is that eating plenty of dairy products increases the level of the hormone insulin-like growth factor -1 which  attributed the promotion of hyperkeratinization acne by blocking the hair canal follicle causing the creation of bacterial infection, from  Propionibacterium bacteria.
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Omega-3 oils and omega 6
Omega-6 oils derived from canola, corn, soy chicken, eggs and more,  contain  Archidonic acids  which  have  the  production capability  of Leukotriens B4inflammatory factors.
Omega-3  opose these hormones  and reduce inflammatory factors like Leukotriens.
Foods containing high iodine (as kelp) aggravate acne conditions.
JAMA 200; 879-80 1967

Foods with high glycemic index worsen acne conditions
Study which involved 43 men aged 15-25 who have suffered from acne  during12 weeks  found that eating a diet low glycemic index improves acne.
Foods with low glycemic index means eating  better vegeterian proteins  , and eating carbohydrate  with low level of glucose and insulin such  as rye bread, vegetables, various legumes such as chickpeas, peas and beans, grains such as oats, quinoa, buckwheat.
Am J Clin Nutr, 2007; 86 (1): 107-115.

It is recommended to reduce  heated oils consumption  and oils fats  from living  cattle  and  herbs.

It Is recommended to  eliminate from  diet :

Alcohol, coffee, margarine, nuts, peanuts, wheat products and refined oils and fats. Dairy products, almonds, chocolate.
It is recommended to reduce consumption of refined carbohydrates like white flour products and sugars.
Eating refined carbohydrates like white flour products and sugars leads to elevated insulin and creating the hormone insulin-like growth factor in the body.Later it becomes hormone testosterone which cause secreting  sebaceous .
sebaceous  as we remember  create bacteria and inflammation..The hormoneinsulin-like growth factor cause skin to reproduce themselves  called keratinocytes
And create acne.
Glutathione Peroxidase



 acne  people suffer  from  low levels of the enzyme Glutathione Peroxidase
This indicates the lack of the mineral selenium and other vitamins.
Acta Derm Venereol Stockholm.64 (1) :9-14, 1984
Progesterone Hormone
Older women who suffer from acne , have a high level of testosterone .they may help by natural hormone from natural sources contradict the action of male hormone.
·    Lee, John R.What your Doctor not may Tell you about Menopause.Warner Books, New York, New York, USA.1996:252-253.

הטיפול אינו יעיל בדרך כלל ויכול לפגוע ביעילות תרופות למניעת הריון וזאת מעבר לתופעות לוואי של האנטיביוטיקה הכוללות בשימוש ממושך דלקות מעיים וסרטן..
לא מתאים לנשים בגיל הפוריות. לאחר העלמות האקנה אצל מרבית המטופלים, האקנה יכול יחזור.
תופעות לוואי אפשריות – יובש כללי, גרוד, ירידת דם מהאף, העלאת רמת הכולסטרול, טריגליצרידים, ושומנים בדם, נשירת שיער , עליה ברמות אנזימי כבד, כאבים בעצמות ופרקים .
 conventional treatment
Hormone therapy – estrogen  suppress the  sebaceous glands , but excess estrogen is well known to cause hard  side effect .
cts, 2002;288:321-333)  JAMA July 17, 2002; 288:321-333)
Antibiotics – antibiotic treatment designed to inhibit the bacteria  that breaks down the  sebaceous  which caused the infection.
The treatment is usually  not effective and can harm the effectiveness of drugs to prevent pregnancy, and beyond antibiotic  prolong use  create side effects  , including intestinal infections and cancer ..
Rakotane – a derivative of vitamin A. caused to shrink sebaceous glands. The patient should sign a document which informed him about the risk factors.
Not suitable for women of childbearing age. After the disappearance of acne in most patients, acne may return.
Possible side effects – general dryness, scratching, drop of blood from the nose, raising the level of cholesterol, triglycerides, fats in the blood, hair loss, increase levels of liver enzymes, pain in bones and joints.
Recommended natural supplements acne situations
There are vitamins, minerals and herbs that can be useful in therapy.Unfortunately I can not update , because the Ministry of Health regulations.
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